How to Use Psychology to Conquer Women

Understanding a woman may be one of the biggest challenges many men in the world have to meet.
Therefore we will teach you how to use psychology to conquer women, with simple tips, which will give you effective results in a short time.

The only thing that you must take into consideration, is that you must dedicate time and know how to conquer a girl, using only psychology.

Each advice that we are going to give you, will help you to know how to successfully conquer the girl of your dreams in a real way.

We will give you advice, which you can apply and finally understand a little more about women and achieve them with total success.

The secret of this is to have confidence in yourself and to demonstrate to that woman that you want to conquer so much.

How to Use Psychology to Conquer Women

1. Always look her in the eye.

As the first step, you must take into account, to achieve success, is always to maintain direct contact with her in the eyes.

In general, shy guys or those who are looking for other things, always keep their contact in another part of her body or a low view.

When you do not see her directly in the eyes, women automatically lose interest or feel that you only see them as sexual objects.

Always try to maintain that direct contact with the eyes, this way they have the possibility to scan and see that you have intentions to conquer her.

This is one of the most practical tips we can give you in using psychology to successfully conquer women.

Tip 2: Do not be on top of her.

The next advice we recommend in this case is to keep your distance, if you are in the conquest stage, is not to be on top of her.

Remember that the more desperation you show, the less interest she will feel for you.

We are not telling you in this case that you do not send a message, do not call her, you should be aware of her, but not in an excessive way.

Remember that the more you offer everything to them, the less they will love, the typical phrase ” women like bad guys ” to some degree is true, usually the most romantic boy in the world and the one who gives them everything in the first one that comes to fail.

Show her a little about you and what you are capable of doing, in this way you will maintain an active interest and achieve conquest automatically.

Knowing how to use psychology to conquer women is simple, you just have to be calculating with each step you take.

Tip 3: Show her who dominates.

As another of the tips that we are going to give you in this case, is the confidence, without it you are not going to be able to conquer any girl.

So in this case, if you want to conquer the girl of your dreams you must have dominion and confidence.

If you are going out, take her by the hand, show her that you are not afraid of her.

In general, women love this type of initiative of men, all women look for a man with confidence that shows them how much they want to be with them.

Tip 4: Demonstrate your desire.

As the last piece of advice we can give you in this case, is the desire, show your interest towards her.

Every time you talk to her, look her in the eyes and then wet your lips, this technique will start to seduce her and at the same time show her the desire you have for her.

You can hold her hand and caress her while talking in a restaurant and suddenly caress her knee or hands.

With these successful tips, we hope you can test how to use psychology to conquer women and be totally successful.