How To Undress A Woman In Bed

To maintain pleasant relationships with the woman you like, you must pay attention to the preliminary games.

Everything counts, everything excites, so it is very important that you pay attention to all kinds of details if you want to make her feel special and enjoy as much as you do.

Here we want to talk to you about something that seems simple, but also has its trick:

Do you want to discover how they like you to do it? If the answer is yes, be sure to stay with me.

We’ll discover everything here in the following lines.

How To Undress A Woman In Bed

1. Excite her.

In the game of love, excitement is a very powerful weapon and you can take your woman to heaven if you make her enjoy before, during and after the sexual act.

She is looking forward to it as much as you are, but everything requires a technique.

2. It is not worth undressing her in a rush.

A woman does not want anyone to take her clothes off.

If you want to undress a woman to make love, three key factors must first be met so that you can identify what is the perfect time to take action. Know them:

She must be excited.
She must be passionate and feel attraction to you.
You should observe that she feels safe and prepared before doing so.

3. She must be excited.

As we have said, there are three key elements to be able to undress a woman in bed.

The first is that she feels sexually excited, you should stimulate her, which is usually achieved through some kind of sexual contact.

Passionate kisses, caresses, friction … All this will make her feel the desire to maintain a relationship and to lower the guard, giving free rein to passion.

The process is not immediate, you must create an ideal climate, since the moment of undressing will be part of a moment of stimulation for her.

It is a game, in which she will try to repress herself and then get out of control and the moment of taking off her clothes is part of it.

4. How to undress her correctly.

Now that you have understood that the part of undressing a woman is very important, you must learn how to do it correctly.

Imagine you peel an onion, what would you take first?

The surface layers First, you must go removing all those clothes that she really does not care that you take away, while you kiss her, while you touch her, while you excite her.

5. Make it as a fun preliminary game.

Once you have finished with the superficial part, you will have to work harder to continue, since you will probably find some resistance.

Remember: be part of an erotic game. You must make her desire more and more wanting to get undressed, so you must enter the game of advance and retrieve, giving in yourself, giving in herself, until she tells you that the time has come to move forward.

Think that if at some point it is you who goes back, you will increase her desire, her curiosity.

Take it as a fun preliminary game.

6. Create an intimacy climate.

Finally, keep in mind that she must feel completely safe.

Many women have diverse complexes and fear of showing themselves completely.

That is your task: to create a climate of intimacy, security, and desire.

Make her feel unique and special, get her to feel desired and you will get her to surrender to you, to show herself as she is.

Undress her little by little, she will be passionate.