How To Text A Woman You Just Just Met

Guys, the first texts you write to a woman are extremely important because it is these messages that help her determine if she wants to be more than just a friend to you.

Here we tell you how to How To Text A Woman You Just Just Met:


How To Text A Woman You Just Just Met

1. Write to her within 24 hours after seeing each other.

You’ve heard the old rule: Men should wait 2-3 days before communicating with a girl but times have changed, and today that rule is absolutely ridiculous.

And that is mainly because it has become much easier to get in touch with someone, and since it is so easy to grab your phone and send a few words, she will think:

If he is interested in me, why will he spend so much time without writing to me?

Then, write to her, not after 24 hours, otherwise, she will think you are not interested.

2. Use her name.

Jumping from one and calling a girl with a nickname can be sharp, however, it is better to start things at an intermediate point between the formal and the casual, so in the first text messages, the safest route is simply to call her by her own name.

3. Remind her of something that happened when you met.

In your first messages, you don’t want to send her something boring and not very original like: “Hi, it’s Peter” or “Hey, how are you?”

Instead, write something interesting, such as reminding her of the night you met, for example: “The other day I had a great time. You are an expert on the dance floor!”

4. Use Good Spelling And Grammar.

Do you still write like when you were at school?

You know what I mean: Using abbreviations. Sending messages with incorrect spelling can be very disappointing for a woman because it shows that you are too lazy to do something as simple as writing a complete word.

It takes less than a second to write the whole word, but it can make a big difference.