How to talk to a woman for the first time

Does it seem familiar? we’ve all been through a similar situation at some point in our lives. That moment of truth, when we needed more to express ourselves, and all the
eloquence that our imagination had woven flew through one ear. So here we’ll give you some tip on how to talk to a woman for the first time.

How to talk to a woman for the first time

How to talk to a woman for the first time

How to talk to a woman for the first time

What could you do next time it happens to you? I suggest some pretty easy tips to remember:

– Whatever happens don’t present yourself immediately. You would give the conversation a too formal tone (It’s going to look like you’re going to sell her Herbalife or
something like that).

– Your priority should be to break the ice. A question of a quick and easy answer is the most suitable, provided she can not answer you with a “yes” or “no”. Avoid the
topic to be direct to her person ( “You look spectacular in that blouse, Where did you buy it?”) And please, do not try to use compliments and “pick-up lines” drawn
from the internet … They are a double-edged sword! A simple and casual question might be: “What has it been like with the android / iOS / Blackberry?” (After giving out your
phone number, of course).

– Give her your undivided attention, really listen to her and do not worry about what you’re going to say next.

– Do not be afraid to express yourself, and while you have the opportunity let her know the things you like. Telling a story is very effective and easy (and be honest,
do not exaggerate or invent!). When you do it, lightens the visual contact and express yourself with your hands.

– Keep a light subject; you should avoid topics like politics or religion, even when you’re sure the two of you get along in this direction. The last thing you want is to look
heavy or deep in that first contact.

– To ask her name (as if you have not read it a thousand times in Facebook), do it right at the climax of your story while you touch her on the arm very, very subtly.

Finally, if you want to talk to her again … Don’t you forget to ask for her phone number!

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