How to talk to a girl on Facebook?

In situations like these, it is possible to begin to pose certain doubts about the girl that we have added as a friend on “Facebook” (if known or unknown).

These doubts usually are:


1. She is beautiful. Do I talk to her or Don’t I?

2. How will she answer me?

And many more

However, in this entry, we will see how to have a good conversation with that special girl.

How to talk to a girl on Facebook

1. Looking for the right girl

In general, most of the girls who use Facebook tend to accept friendship requests more often.

Once you have added her and at the same time she asks you something like “Who are you?” o How did you find me?

You have to be honest and tell her how you found her.

2. The Chat

Once you have the favorite girl, try to hold a simple and fun conversation (Do not exaggerate either!). This is for the girl to keep busy chatting with you.

If you do not know her well, introduce yourself appropriately and tell her about yourself. That helps your girl to correspond with the same information.

TIP: Simple questions are a good conversation tool and will encourage the girl’s attention to you.

3. Share interests with her:

Ask her about her interests, in such a way to maintain a topic of conversation and that your girl keeps her interest at the same time.

Check her profile (But do not be a psychopath) and prepare questions of what you would like to know. A good anchor point is to review her musical interests, which movies or series she likes, etc. It’s a good tool.

4. Do not idolatry yourself:

When you feel more comfortable with her, you may want to tell her thousands of things that you have achieved in your life.

Do it, but do not overdo it either, since you will become annoying.

Remember that your priority is to know things about her and if she wants to chat with you, it’s because she likes the way how you express yourself, not because of your personal achievements.

If nerves overwhelm you, make up an excuse and stop chatting for a few minutes. It will help you reorder your ideas and analyze the situation.

5. Do not be annoying:

Do not overwhelm her with so many messages, let some time pass so she can think of you and avoid talking to her every time she connects (I mean every time you look at her name in the list of connected, and you start talking. You will disturb her)