How to seduce a woman

Here I am going to give you some techniques that the vast majority of men do not know but that can help you a lot when it comes to learning how to conquer a difficult woman.

How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman

1-The first technique is to hide your intentions.

Exactly. Does this seem strange to you?

Well, if you like a woman and you want her to fall in love with you, do not show her that you like her.

Do not tell her, and do not show her with your eyes or in your face.

If she realizes it, she will feel much less attraction for you.

2-The second technique to conquer a difficult woman is not to be very available to her.

Well, that also seems a little strange to you, right?

What happens is that most women think that they are like a prize and that you have to deserve them.

Therefore, most men always do everything women ask them to do.

But what you have to do to seduce her is the opposite. Make her feel like a normal woman.

3-The third technique is to show her that you have a little competition.

What does this mean?

When it comes to conquering a difficult woman, try to be seen by her with other attractive women around you.

It’s not about other women you want to conquer, only friends.

4-Being a funny and arrogant man.

One of the most important secrets about seduction is that of the funny and arrogant man.

It consists of having fun, being spontaneous, being fun so that the girls have a good time with you and enjoy your company, making jokes with the girls;

But this is not enough. You must be arrogant, full of yourself, with high self-esteem, you must have a lot of confidence, and say what you think. Why?

Well, girls like a man who is sure of himself and who is at their level or above them, so she will be attracted to you.

5-Submissive, NEVER !!!

You should NEVER be submissive to the women you want to fall in love with, and it’s very easy.

Women are accustomed to being indulged in everything, to men buying them expensive things, inviting them to first-rate restaurants, and practically being their slaves because men believe that they will win their affection and love, but the truth is that it does NOT work like that.

6-You have to make yourself interesting, you must be a CHALLENGE.

Here I am going to give you a great secret.

To conquer a woman, you must make her feel that YOU are the prize, and not that you are dying for her, or that you think about her all day.

Women want what they can not have and if you are hard to get, she will feel that time with you is something that she should value because not every day you are there for her.

If you are all day behind her you will give an image of a needy man, weak, and with a boring life.

Do not be like that, look for activities to do, do not cancel meetings with your friends for her, she is the one who has to make an effort to see you!

7- Physical Contact.

Physical contact is ESSENTIAL in the art of seducing women from the day you meet them.

If you have just been introduced to a girl, greet her with a kiss, hand, or touching her back naturally and confidently, as you would with your friends.

DO NOT BE AFRAID, physical contact is natural in all of us and essential between men and women.

To get her attention you can touch her elbow, shoulder, and go forward if she feels comfortable to her hips, hair, face, hands … if she accepts your contact, you are seducing her as she is!

Conquering a woman is not as complicated as it seems, simply apply these tips, proven by hundreds of men who have managed to conquer the woman of their dreams.