How to recognize a manipulative girlfriend?

Having a partner is one of the best experiences, men love women and they love to indulge them, but what happens when the relationship becomes toxic, jealousy and mistrust take over this love story?

Sometimes, without realizing it, we have fallen into a routine, into costume and one of the two tends to have a greater preponderance in the relationship.

How to recognize a manipulative girlfriend?

How to recognize a manipulative girlfriend?

Today we are going to discover if you have a manipulative girlfriend, which is not healthy at all and harms your emotional stability.

How to recognize a manipulative girlfriend

1. Your social networks are no longer yours.

Did you share your passwords?

This is not a symbol of full trust, it is the opposite, be careful that jealousy does not take over your relationship.

2. Your weekends are meetings with her family.

It is not bad to share family events, but if the predominant ones are hers, something is not going well in your relationship.

3. You started to get excited about the soap operas and series of her.

Okay maybe this is not so bad, because it is romantic to share tastes and hobbies, but do not let EVERYTHING she likes be good to you, do not forget your own interests.

4. The refrigerator you share does not have any beer.

Where is your autonomy?

5. Your tone of voice became softer and ‘sweeter’.

It’s not bad to play with a baby voice from time to time, but if you’ve made this a habit … You have a manipulative girlfriend!

6. Your friends took you out of the WhatsApp group or, worse, created another without you.

Is that ‘you’re always busy’ or surely she is always “monitoring you”, are the reasons why your friends no longer include you in their outings.

7. She adopted a puppy and now is your ‘little boy’.

Here we must clarify something if both decided to have a pet is fine, but if she imposed on you to be the ‘dad’, do not forget to remind her that lifting stools is the job of both.

Do not let the care of the pet fall on one, an animal deserves the care of both.

8. It’s been a long time since you stopped being the owner of your closet.

Now she is the one who decides if something looks good on you.

And it’s not that you look bad with those tailored pants and pastry colored shirts … No, no, not at all.