How To Read Your Wife’s Signs

If you really want to know what she is thinking, look very well in her eyes, but especially in her pupils.

If you have no idea what your darling is thinking, you are not alone. Men are not good at reading the signals emitted by women, says research published in the Journal PLOS One.

Researchers showed images of eyes to a group of men and were asked to describe the emotion that each pair of eyes reflected. The men battled twice when trying to decipher the emotions in the female eyes.

The reaction can be evolutionary: Males are designed to recognize other men’s emotions (more than women) to measure possible threats or the same competition, the researchers suggest.

However, being able to read the signals your girl emits can help you a lot. Marc Salem, a doctor in philosophy and an expert in nonverbal behavior, tells us three things that her eyes could be telling you:

How To Read Your Wife’s Signs

1. She’s on fire.

Her pupils are dilated. Dilation can mean two things, is excited or enraged. Context is everything, but if her eyes are huge the emotion is real.

2. She is happy.

You can see lines on her skin, surrounding her eyes.

A smile really changes a person’s face, including the eyes. While a fake smile can be seen only in the mouth and fades quickly.

3. Flirts.

First, she looks at you, then she lowers her eyes or deflects them.

“You have to learn to look for a set of signals,” says Salem. But in conjunction with a smile, it indicates a shyness that usually means flirting.