How to make your girl chase you

Dear, you are very wrong. If your girl does not want to do it with you every day, it’s because you’re doing it badly, fatally.

It’s not that she does not like your gifts, or that she is in full menopause or stressed … It’s just that you do not make her feel wanted.

How to make your girl chase you

How to make your girl chase you


Women are not like you They do not get excited when they see you naked, we sorry. Women must be won in another way, as giving them your ears.

If you want your girl (or the neighbor’s) to fall at your feet, you just have to make her feel wanted. That she sees that she makes you horny, to understand us.

Neuroscientist Ogi Ogas has come to this conclusion, who in conversation with ‘Men’s Health’ has explained this finding that will change the course of humanity:

“Women love to feel wanted, this feeling is usually the center of her sexual fantasies, if she experiences this, her excitement will be immediate. ”

We will give you a few clues to make your girl feel wanted and, consequently, make her change her underwear.

How to make your girl chase you

1 • Surprise kisses:

when the elevator suddenly closes, when you are shopping, in the middle of the street as teenagers … But do not be heavy, we know each other.

2 • Look at her with a half smile:

as if you were undressing her with your eyes, that’s the trick.

Look at her when she gets up suddenly, when she takes off her coat or when she does her hair.

If she looks back, a tip: tilt your head while you maintain eye contact and smile mischievously.

3 • Touch her:

Grab her cheeks here, a passionate waist grip and caresses on the neck will be enough.

4 • Flatter her:

When she wears those tight gym pants or that suggestive blouse do not cut yourself, tell her how sexy she looks, how well those clothes fit her and how honey she’s making you just by looking at her.

5 • Send her messages:

But not love messages.

An example: “Honey, I’m worried, today you’ve gone too beautiful to the office with that tight dress, Mmmm … You’ll see when you get home.”

We could go on, but we’re not going to do all the work either.

We only tell you that if you get her to feel wanted, she will chase you around the house looking for you like a crazy woman.