How to make your friend fall in love with you

It may seem very complicated to make your friend feel something more for you than a simple friendship, you can also be afraid to do something more and lose the relationship you have and stay with nothing, without her love, and without her friendship.

You must know that people regret more the things we do not do, we are left with that thorn in what could have happened but never did because we did not try.

These are 5 keys that help you become something more than a friend for her:

How to make your friend fall in love with you

1. You must not always be available to her.

If you want to make your friend want you as something more than a shoulder to cry, then you are not available to her all the time.

Stop calling and seeing her, or even sending her WhatsApp or messages.

When your friend contacts you and asks you to get in touch, wait a couple of days. Let this happen for about a month or more if she is an especially close friend.

You must take care not to make her feel that you are moving away because you are angry with her or are acting like an idiot.

When you talk to her, be brief but pleasant. The whole point here is to confuse her into wondering what is going on with your life, and this confusion will make her spend more time thinking about you and she will miss you.

2. Watch your appearance.

Take care of the details such as using a nice lotion, wear a good cut, combed, dress well, so that she perceives your attractiveness and considers you someone desirable.

3. Take advantage of your knowledge.

As her friend you know her better than many other men, you know what she likes, what bothers her and what she can not stand, you can use all this knowledge as a strategic advantage, you know where you need to go, now it’s your turn to show her that you have what she seeks.

4. Looking for the best moment.

For her to feel comfortable you must choose the ideal time and place, if it is a very public place it can be a problem to have an intimate conversation, and if it is a very private place she can feel cornered if you get to approach her, so look for a neutral and calm place where both are comfortable when you want to talk about what you feel.

5. Do not lose patience.

You should not pressure your friend for an answer, you should allow her to take her time and assimilate the situation, however, if within a month she does not comment on it, ask her if she was uncomfortable with the topic or what she feels about it.

If things do not work maybe they can keep the friendship, or at least you will not be suffering in silence for an unrequited love, and you will free your heart to love someone who corresponds to you.