How To Make Your Ex Return To Your Life

If you miss her and it’s worth it, this interests you.

You tried to find your “soul mate”, you walked away for a while, you went out with other women, but you came to a surprising conclusion: Things are not going to get better. You made a serious mistake when you let her go and now you want her back.

It is not necessarily too late to recover the love of your ex. But do not despair or make mediocre movements.

You have to do things well, that means being cautious and more secure than ever. Here are some tips to ask for a second round.

How To Make Your Ex Return To Your Life

1. Make a reconnection via text messages.

Sometimes absence makes the heart sad and lonely, but sometimes it is the cause to look for another person.

The point here is: Do not call first, “try to send a nice message, not something that makes her think you want sex only,” says relationship expert Julie Spira.

“Think of something you shared together that can reach her heart.”

 2. Take things slowly.

You’ve already fallen in love once, but that does not mean you can get from zero to 60 without even taking the steering wheel.

Then you can propose to go out together not to sleep together.

3. Call her.

Is everything ok? Cool.

Suggest a casual meeting by phone, not through a message, not by text. Let her hear your voice and registering a sincere effort on your part.

Just remember that accepting your invitation is just that and not a concrete signal that she wants to return with you.

4. Tell her you miss her.

If she accepts your invitation to go out, take things slowly.

Ask her how she has been (she and her family) and how she is doing at work.

If everything goes well and you notice that the situation is heating up, tell her that you want her back.

5. Assume your acts.

If she is willing to talk about the past, be a man and admit your mistakes.

If you did something that could have caused her pain, take the opportunity to apologize.

If it is necessary to swallow your pride to make her happy, everything is worth it in the name of love.

6. Do not compare.

Forget the fact that you both took time to think things through.

The two tried to continue with your lives after the breakup, but that does not mean you should tell her about the bad dates you had to or the women you met during your bachelor period.