How to make my girlfriend miss me in WHATSAPP?

Know the typical mistakes you have to avoid in order to recover her interest in yourself.

Many men do not know how to recover a person they loved, it is possible that although their intention is the best, they send the wrong messages either in their states, photos or texts.

You can use all these tools in your favor, How to make my girlfriend miss me in WHATSAPP?

How to make my girlfriend miss me in WHATSAPP?

1. If your separation was less than 15 days ago.

You must avoid changing your profile picture continuously, most people constantly change the photo after the breakup, if you do not change your profile picture constantly you will make your partner understand that you are okay and that you do not use this means of communication to make yourself notice, especially when the separation or breakup is very close.

By not changing the photo you will show strength and you will not show images that are not adequate now.

2. If in the picture you have now, you are with your former partner.

If you keep a photo with your ex-partner in your profile picture, you should know that you have to remove it to show respect for the separation, to continue with the photo as a couple is like being in denial.

3. A normal photo.

The best thing you can do is place a normal photo of yourself, where you can see yourself well, be a recent photo, where you do not show exaggerated joy and nothing sad, that does not appear in the photo anything that can be related to your ex, and much less that it is a picture taken by her.

4. Neutral photos.

If the separation is very recent, you can also place in profile a photo of your pet if you have it, or a sport that you practice or that you like.

5. Beware of phrases.

You should avoid putting the typical phrases of overcoming, love, lack of love, we do not doubt that there are very good and accurate sentences, but now is not the time to publish them.

6. Status.

In the first days of separation, we are weaker and more vulnerable, we can also do things without thinking, so it is advisable not to put anything in the status of your WhatsApp.

Some phrases and comments can make your partner think things that are not. If you do not like the idea of putting a state, you can place some emoji of some sport or theme.

7. Emojis to avoid.

Avoid putting in your state emojis of faces with some expression, whether sad, laughing, confused, all that have to do with emotions you should avoid, when the separation is so recent, the less you show, the better.

8. Appropriate time.

All of the above is when less than 2 weeks have passed since the separation, but once more than 15 days after the breakup has passed, it is the ideal time to use these tools in your favor.

You can put a picture of yourself where you look good, do not show yourself sad, you must project success in your life.

You should keep avoiding the hints in your states, but you can put nice phrases, that sound natural, not far-fetched, or simply put that you’re busy.

Show that you have a rich life, full of positive things, that you have fun, that you have friends, that you enjoy life, you must know that it is essential to admire a person to feel love and attraction, therefore you must show yourself as a full and happy person, you do not lack anything, you will see that love will come to you.