How to make her think of you?

Don’t you accomplish to get your job well done? Does she refuse to fall at your feet? Know the ways to make her think constantly of you.

As men, we often have no idea of the thoughts, desires, and appetites of women. As a result, misunderstandings and short circuits are commonplace between men and women, and this is much worse when it is between you and the woman you wish to conquer.

Now, what would happen if we had the possibility of getting into the heads of women and being aware of their feelings and thoughts?

Or better yet, let’s use the example of Seinfeld, in the episode in which Constanza gets into the brains of women and sings ad songs to stay constantly in their heads.

So you can implant subliminally in a woman’s brain – that is, you will not physically enter her brain in a tiny pill but in an ethereal form – we have created a list of tips or “advertising songs” to help you.

These are the ways you can have them thinking of you for a while they live their normal life:

How to make her think of you?

1. Give her a functional gift.

Give her a functional gift; something that she uses every day and that she can associate with you. Do not resort to something too significant from the emotional point of view.

Make it something simple. Something as casual as a CD of an artist appreciated by both, a pen or even a keychain. Each time she takes this object with her hands, it will be virtually impossible to ignore the visions of your face appearing in her brain.

2. Buy her a souvenir.

If you want to plant yourself in her brain like a tick, buy her souvenirs in the style of a T-shirt or sweatshirt of an event that both have attended. A football game or a concert of your favorite band.

Constantly giving memorable signals, such as a CD with songs that you have heard together during a party.

3. Be a gentleman.

Make sure that the closings of the first meetings are calm and fast. Be a gentleman at the time of finishing the outings.

Accompany her to the door of the house and give her a soft kiss on the cheek to give her the impression that you are considerate of her.

If the meeting has been worth remembering, then there is no doubt that you will be in her mind for hours and possibly days after you leave.

4. Lend her something.

If you want to plant yourself in her brain, all you have to do is lending her some of your items -CDs, DVDs, etc.- or accidentally leave some of your belongings in her house, like a sweater, a hat or a book, so that she thinks of you every time she sees them.

Do not be afraid to let her know, in a subtle way, that she can leave her things at your home. This will be a good excuse to see her again when she comes to look for what she has left or when you reach her.

5. Flatter her.

Give her a kind of sneaky reward.

Tell her something that does not sound directly like flattery, but that makes her feel flattered at the same time.

For example: “I love when a tanned woman with no marks; It’s so sexy. ” Of course you are saying it because you know that she is the one who emphasizes that her tan is even throughout her body and because you know she will take it as a compliment.

In this way, you will manage to put part of yourself in her head, being difficult not to get her to think about you every time she is tanning.

6. Tell her she reminds you of a famous.

If you really want to embed yourself in her head, tell her that she reminds you of a particular celebrity; emphasize the word “reminds”.

You do not want to run the risk of underestimating her own identity by saying that she looks like someone.

This way, you will not only be making a compliment that will elevate her ego, but also make her think of you every time she hears the name or sees her resemblance celebrity in a television program, on the radio, or wherever.

Of course, avoid mentioning the name of a celebrity fallen into disgrace or who does not look very good.

Also, do not tell her that she reminds you of Angelina Jolie when she does not really have any of the characteristics of this-physical complexion, hairstyle and so on. Definitely, this would be counterproductive.