How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me?

If you have ever felt frustrated because you cannot avoid falling into the friend’s zone, then this entry is for you. I will teach you how to make the woman you like to fall in love with you and not seeing you just as a friend.



How To Make Her Fall In Love With Me

1. Be the kind of man every woman wants.

Women are looking for a man who has confidence in himself, with integrity, who is sure of his actions, who accepts and loves as he is and who knows where he wants to go in life.

If what you want is her to fall in love with you, then you don’t have to overwhelm her with your insecurities, on the contrary, you have to show her that you are a masculine man, with great future goals and that you work to achieve them. This is key to knowing how to make a girl fall in love.

Women like social men, who don’t seem desperate for any woman; on the contrary, they go out to have fun with different women. If other girls want you, that will create greater attraction towards you. It seems illogical, doesn’t it? But the truth is that women don’t like men with just an option.

A strong, self-confident and sociable man is what will make her fall in love with you, and you have to be that man.

2. Stay busy and not always available for her.

The easiest way to fall in the friend’s zone with a woman is to always be there for her without having any physical or romantic interaction. She will end up seeing you as her best friend, who always supports her and is with her when she needs it, but she will not see anything sexual and attractive in you.

To do so you have to deal primarily with your affairs. Get fit, work and save money, go out with women other than her. She will see that you do not need her, that you are an independent man who does things on his own and is successful in doing so.

It will generate a sexual attraction from her towards you because she will see that you are desired by other women, and you know how to deal with them. In a short time, she will fall in love with you.

This does not mean you don’t spend time with her. Find time on your agenda to be with her, but don’t always be around her.

3. Make it fun to be by your side.

She has to love every moment with you because of the moments that she spends by your side, she has more fun with you than with any other man.

Women love men who make them laugh, that’s why you always have to find a way to make her laugh. Laughing releases the so-called “happiness hormone,” which makes people feel better and provides overall well-being.

It will greatly help her to fall in love with you if you make her laugh.

4. Pay attention to what she tells you.

A woman cannot fall in love with a man who does not pay attention to her and simply is not “there” when they are together. It is very important that you be attentive to her and that you recognize and listen to everything she tells you.

If you are a good conversationalist and know how to listen to what she tells you, then it will not be very difficult for you to win her heart. Probably the most important thing to know how to make a girl fall in love.

5. Search for physical contact.

Physical contact is the best and fastest way for a woman to fall in love with you. In addition to an emotional connection, women need a physical connection to feel in love with a man.

No matter what kind of relationship you have with the woman you like, try to make physical contact with her. Start with little, until gradually climbing and that she shows you her intentions.

Physical contact does not have to have limits as long as she does not tell you otherwise; if you have sex with her, congratulations.