How To Make A Woman You Like To Laugh

Being dynamic and fun is important if you don’t want to bore her. To make a woman laugh is easier than it seems and here you will learn how.

If you are serious and bored all the time you cannot expect women to want to deal with you again. What they want is to have fun.

It is not necessary for you to become a clown who just cares about making her laugh. But if you give her a little fun, you’ll get her to feel comfortable with you and appreciate more the time you share.

I’ll show you a couple of tips that will help you know how to make a woman laugh successfully!

How To Make A Woman You Like To Laugh

1. Don’t try to force it, Be natural!

Laughter is something that can not be forced because if you try, it can go very wrong.

You should try to laugh frequently but naturally and spontaneously so that you can spread your happiness.

Above all, avoid fake laughs when you tell her something you think is funny. Say things with emphasis and energy, but not with little giggles between word and word because this is not funny, it can be annoying.

2. Learn about her.

A simple way to know how to make a woman laugh is to learn a little bit about her.

The conversation will help you to know about the things that she has fun with and you will know what topics to use to make her have fun.

It can be about something you both know such as a book, a movie, a place, a character, television series, etc.

Whatever it is, it can help you find fun conversation topics that will make her laugh a lot.

3. Tell her funny anecdotes.

Sometimes there is nothing better than the stories of your life to make her laugh.

Small anecdotes of your childhood or crazy situations that have happened to you in your adolescence or your daily life. She will surely love you and help you learn how to make a woman laugh.

Always remember to keep in mind a small collection of 3 or 4 anecdotes that you consider interesting and can take you to a deeper conversation with your girl.

The advantage is that this can also lead to trust and she starts telling you more about her past and her own stories.

Practice your stories before a date so you don’t get nervous, so you will tell them fluently and safely.

4. Practice and learn from others.

Do you feel you are not good at comedy? We all have a spark of grace within us, you just have to discover it.

Try to get together with your funniest friends to get some of their sense of humor, and practice with them their jokes or phrases to see if they can really make someone laugh.

Develop your own fun personality so you can act naturally once the time comes to put into practice everything you were learning.

5. Avoid humiliating yourself.

Something that no man should do is humble himself to be funny. We mean men who do or say something silly in order to make their girl laugh.

That is to say, it is okay to do nonsense with her, but there is a thin line that divides the fun from the ridiculous and is not very difficult to distinguish.

6. Show her that you enjoy her company.

An excellent way to convey your joy to a woman is to look her directly in the eyes with a sincere smile on your lips.

Show her that you are happy enjoying her company and you’ll see that very soon she will also start feeling the same as you.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty in learning how to make a woman laugh is that each one is a world and it may take a little time to know what strategy to use, but you will have a lot of fun in the process of discovering it!