How to make a woman happy

While being happy depends on each person, there are some tips for both men and women to be able to bring happiness to their partner.

There is no magic recipe that will automatically allow your partner to be happy but we can give you some tips that will contribute to the happiness between both, in this case, make a woman happy.

There is a lot of saying that women are very complex human beings and that many men do not understand how to please them; however, the trick is in the small details.
We hope that these tips will help you to get more than a smile from your partner:

How to make a woman happy

1. Be a gentleman:

This is something that will never go out of style, although in these times to be spontaneous, to say things in a direct way and where gender equality is something that both sexes claim each time, it does not hurt to show courtesy and education using a certain gallantry to treat her like a lady.

Details like opening the car door, pulling the chair to sit down or paying the bill can make a considerable difference.

2. Hug her:

While a good kiss will always be well received, hugging the woman causes a surprising effect, after a long day in the office, studies or being at home, a warm and strong hug is the best way to make her remember that we feel something for her.

Women like physical contact more than men, they feel safe and protected.

3. Show her that you can trust her:

If what you really want is your partner to trust you, the correct signs should be sent to confirm that we trust her.

One of the most valued characteristics among women is fidelity and unconditional love.

4. Give small gifts:

Every woman likes small details.

For example, if you know that she is a chocolate lover you can get her one for the next time you see her, she will know you thought about her and you took the time to buy her one.

Give her flowers without motives, you do not need a very expensive bouquet to make a woman happy, sometimes a simple rose can make a difference.

5. Talk to her nicely giving her compliments:

Every woman loves encouraging and loving words.

Give her unique compliments on a daily basis, tell her how good she looks with the clothes she put on to go out with you, it never hurts to remind her why you fell in love with her.

6. Hold her hand in public:

Some girls are shy to demonstrations of affection in public, but as appropriate hold her hand while walking or when you are in a meeting, with the conviction that you feel proud to be next to her, you will see a tender smile when you do it.

7. Reserve a day a week for a date with her:

In these times that we want everything for the “next time”, it is easy to fall into the routine of simply seeing each other, but plan an outing between the two to go out to dinner or have a nice lunch, not necessarily to a costly or extravagant place, you just have to make an effort to consent her and know that she is important to you.

8. Be happy:

There is nothing worse for a woman than to see her partner bored, complaining about everything or being disappointed.

That she can see and feel that you feel good by her side either to watch movies sitting on the couch or for an outing among friends.

If you are not able to show your partner that you are happy by her side, sooner or later she will feel that she is not important to you.