How To Make A Good Impression On A Woman

They say that the important thing when it comes down to someone to like you, is to make a good impression at the beginning and that the first impression is crucial.

But this is not always easy and can get a little more complicated when it comes to impressing a woman.

Maybe with time, as she gets to know you more, she will be able to change the concept that she has of yourself but to help you, in this entry, we will let you know how to make a good impression in a woman.

How To Make A Good Impression On A Woman

1. The first thing we have to think about is the image we will give.

In fact, it is the only step we can take before leaving home and is divided into three basic aspects: personal hygiene, hair, beard, and clothes.

There is nothing that makes a worse impression than someone who has not had a shower or a change of clothes for two days, who has not combed his hair or who has a castaway beard (you can wear your beard as long as you want, as long as you take care of it).

Choose the clothes that best suits the occasion, maybe it’s time to leave in the closet that Iron Maiden T-shirt you have been wearing since you were 15.

2. Self-confidence.

It is basic when it comes to making a good impression on someone, and one of the best demonstrations you can do is to smile.

A beautiful smile is the best technique of seduction and will help you to conquer ground.

3. Respect her personal space.

If you just met her, leave a space between the two, do not get too close. You have to respect the space of each one, what is known as living space.

It is worth invading her space when they introduce her to you or to say goodbye, you approach and give her the two courtesy kisses or the hand (not a strong handshake, but do not get too lazy, look for a middle term), but beyond that try not to make her feel overwhelmed.

That way she’ll be more comfortable and she’ll get a better impression.

4. A good compliment always helps to impress someone.

Highlight something positive about her, although try it to be original.

Compliments about clothing or appearance are always positive, but they are the most usual, so look for something with which you can surprise her while making her feeling flattered.

Of course, try not to seem forced.

5. Do you have a gift? Prove it!

If you are a great chef, you can invite her to dinner to taste your creations, if you play the guitar, invite her to a concert, to an essay or teach her to play … so she sees that you are someone interesting.

But try not to appear overbearing or presumptuous, women hate it, and she will think you just want to get attention.

6. Finally, do not stop being yourself, although with nuances.

Take things slowly, do not pressure her and show interest in her hobbies, especially those you have in common.

If you smoke and she does not, control yourself. Also, control your vocabulary.

If she asks you for your opinion about something, respond sincerely, that does not seem like you are not interested, try to maintain good communication with her.

Do not stop doing what you like and if you can include her in your hobbies.