How To Learn To Kiss In An Easy Way

Have you ever wondered how to kiss a woman?

Well, here are some tips on how to learn to kiss in a natural and simple way.

Surely at some point in your life, the doubt has arisen: “Will I really be a good kisser?”, And is that knowing how to kiss a woman is really important when it comes to being a good and complete lover. Well, so that you clear that doubt and trust that you are indeed a good kisser, I will leave you these incredible tips to know how to learn to kiss in a simple way.

How To Learn To Kiss In An Easy Way

1. Moisten your lips.

Everything is better while it is more humid, why not?

If you want the kiss to be more pleasant for both of you, moisten your lips a little with your saliva, this will make the sensations on the lips increase during the kiss and facilitate movements. Eye, do not go over with saliva, with a small amount is enough.

2. Start slowly, with your mouth shut.

You don’t want to look very desperate and go straight to the passionate French kiss, right? On the contrary, to kiss, when joining your lips, start with slow movements, with your mouth closed, give that touch of calm to the kiss so that you both take the time to enjoy the sensations.

As time passes you can obviously open your mouth a little more and make the situation warm more. But the right thing is to start gently, do not forget, this is an essential tip.

3. Increase intensity, explore.

Once the kiss acquires rhythm and desire increases, you can start kissing with the tongue.

Eye, it is important to know if the other person is willing to do this, to ensure you, I have a little trick: Make a small touch with your tongue on her lips, if she corresponds and moves her tongue towards your lips, it means that she wants it, if she gestures back, then you should wait a little longer before doing so.

If the answer is positive then the kiss with tongue begins, make constant movements, but not very sharp, explore her tongue and play soft games with it, remember that the tongue is a very sensitive area and this will give both more than pleasant sensations.

4. Always do it differently.

After some time during the kiss, you can vary the technique not to make it boring. Sometimes you can do it slowly and patiently, then you can change the pace and give a passionate kiss.

It is a matter of knowing how to read the body language of the person you kiss and do what unconsciously asks for that moment, that way you both enjoy and at the same time experience new sensations.

5. Do not forget to control your breathing.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that for the emotion of the moment you even forget to breathe?

Well, it’s quite common and at the same time very important not to forget. Remember to maintain a normal breath, this will make you relax during the kiss and enjoy the sensations more and thus make the other person enjoy more. Double win!

6. Take care of your hygiene.

Always remember to have fresh breath when kissing, even more so if it is a French kiss where your mouth will be almost all the time open. Always carry some peppermint gum with you, I assure you that it will get you out of a lot of trouble.

7. Use your body and your hands, don’t forget it.

It is important during a good kiss to accompany it with caresses and soft touches around her entire body, that way you will make the sensations increase and the kiss even more pleasant.

Embrace her, attach her to your body, caress her sensitive areas and you will see how a great kiss can become something even better by simply performing this type of movements throughout the duration of the kiss.