How to know when a woman is angry

Many times the man does not notice, but when women get angry, they usually give some clues.

Some speak little, are less affective or look the other way.

Others, on the contrary, exaggerate their emotions.

See these ten signs and discover if you are in the presence of an angry woman.

How to know when a woman is angry


1. Total silence.


“I do not talk to him until my anger runs out.”

Is that women are usually the first to call in the morning, even if it is simply to know what your day will be like.

If she does not, she is probably angry and does not want to have contact with you.

2. Short text messages.


Maybe you did not have a big argument but if she responds to your messages in monosyllables, it is likely that she still has remnants of anger.

“When my girlfriend is like that, she responds a lot with ‘ah’ and ‘ok’.

3. Unexpression.


“Most women are expressive and feel more connected when there is an interaction between the two.”

Therefore, if she stops wondering how your day was, she might be angry with you.

4. “I’m fine”.


If a woman uses those words, she probably means the opposite.

However, the way she communicates it is what defines the situation.

Pay attention to her tone.

“For me, it’s a rule: if I ask her ‘what’s wrong with you?’

And she replies ‘I’m fine’ as when passing, inexpressively, she means she’s angry.”

5. She does not look at you.


“If she turns her back when she talks to you or looks anywhere except in your eyes, it’s a sign that something is not right.”

“When my girlfriend is angry with me, she becomes silent and looks at the floor. I know that way. ”

6. Abandons the conversation.


If you are in the middle of an argument and she leaves, you have probably made her angry.

Perhaps, what she is asking with that attitude is that you go to look for her.

That way she will know it matters to you and you want to fix things.

If you do not do it, you could make the situation worse.

7. “I do not care”.


The three words that no man wants to hear.

If she uses them, it does not mean that she does not care, but that she may not want to share her opinion with you because of her anger.

“If she says ‘I do not care’ or ‘whatever you want’, it’s a clear that she’s angry.”

8. She is less affective.


In general, women are affectionate.

They are usually those that promote physical affection in the couple.

If she suddenly does not hug you or shows her affection physically, something may be wrong.

9. Ignore your tastes.


Because she loves you, she knows what your preferences are.

Knows your favorite foods and movies, what you like and what you enjoy.

If at dinner time she prepares a dish you hate and chooses a romantic comedy that you would never watch in your life, surely something happens to her.

10. Exaggerates.


You know her enough and you know what really moves her.

If she behaves in an exaggeratedly happy way before events that do not merit it, the cause may be anger.

“I laugh at his jokes, but in a false way, so he knows that, in reality, it’s not funny.”