How to know if she wants a serious relationship with you?

From the point of view of men, women are confused at the time of the connection.

Women simply have their way, but here today we show you and help you to leave doubts, to know if that woman likes you or not.

How to know if she wants a serious relationship with you?

1. She tries to be everywhere:

Tries to attend the places you frequent “accidentally”.

Therefore, the next time a woman begins to appear regularly on your way, you should realize that she must be doing it for a reason.

2. She uses the right signs, she speaks with the body:

From dilating the iris at the time of looking at the object of desire to other more obvious signals such as smiling or touching the hair in the form of a game, a subtle but direct flirting.

She leans towards you when talking, seeks to always sit by your side, touches you casually: If she suddenly touches your arm, arranges your shirt, or even comes to rub your leg with hers, is a sign that she wants to approach you?

3. She will always be in a good mood with you:

Whether smiling or laughing openly, a woman who enjoys your company will feel happy and pleased.

4. She will make many intermittent glances towards you:

You must learn to look at her indirectly.

Is not difficult; What you need to specify is if she tries to see you when you are not looking at her.

If so, you have called her attention.

Remember that women can analyze you and discard you with just a glance and if she keeps looking at you, there’s something.

5. She will never be too busy for you:

This is a very important rule in the game.

If a woman is interested in dating you, she will somehow be available.

6. She will be curious about you:

A woman interested in you will want to know everything about you.

She will inquire about your family, your environment, your tastes, what you do and do not do, or things like music, food, and movies.

7. If she really likes you, there will come a point where she will be nervous:

Most women control the nerves and crave for a man when they are in front of him, but the truth is that they get a little nervous about the anxiety of what may happen in the future or that they continue to like that man.

When women operate in this way, there is no doubt about what they want: They want the man in front of them, and they want him to do something NOW!

8. She will be jealous of another woman who speaks to you:

An interested woman will look with hawk eyes at her competition.

Consequently, if you see her steaming just because you are talking or joking with another woman, you can be sure that she wants you to be something more than a friend.