How to know if she is the right woman for you

It is good to have a stable relationship, even if this is very difficult to sustain because it involves a lot of sacrifices for both people.

You may have met a wonderful girl a long time ago and you still have a love relationship with her, as you were able to make all the sacrifices and changes that were needed to do this work.

But have you ever wondered if she is really the right woman for you?

How will you know if she is the right woman for you?

Here are some things that can help you.

How to know if she is the right woman for you

1. Makes you feel happier.

She makes you smile more, she helps you every time you need it, she’s a person you can trust, someone with whom you can have a future together.

2. She gives you attention.

She focuses on you, that you are certainly not in a second place in her life.

3. She loves you.

She loves you, you can see this from her attitude, observe the way she looks at you and treats you every day, how she talks to you, if she’s happy when you’re making a surprise for her, she has to love you for who you are and not because of what you try to be.

4. She looks you in the eyes.

The eye contact, is also very important, so be careful, because if she does not have the courage to look directly into your eyes when you talk to her, something is wrong there, she could hide something and she is not the right girl to you.

5. Elegant and Smart.

She has to be elegant and smart, a type of woman who will not let you get bored, because she will constantly surprise you, it is also good to have someone with whom you can talk about everything.

6. An intimate friend.

It is very important to have a compatible sexual life, which means that there must be that undeniable attraction between you two, and you are able to communicate your wishes verbally, you also need to have the ability to please her.

7. Patience.

She has to have patience in the relationship, so if you want to test her, if she asks you to take her out to dinner, tell her that now it is not possible because you do not have money, so she has to wait until your payday.

Observe how she reacts, and if she understands what it means, then she loves you, if not and she becomes half angry, she only wants your money and not you, then it is better to look for someone else.

8. She worries about looking pretty.

Is she beautiful?

This does not mean that she has to be a Miss Universe, it’s just someone who wants to look good for you and for herself, always tries to look her best, she is someone you can be proud to be with, and if she has only a few Beautiful parts that you like, this is fine.

9. She likes you as you are.

She does not try to control you or change you, she does not insist that you give up your night outings with your friends, that she allows you to be yourself, she can suggest that you wear a new sweater, but it is not fundamental in all aspects of your lifestyle.

10. She respects you.

Which means that she would never do scenes in public in front of your family and friends and wait to discuss with you in private, she is also able to hear your opinion, even if she does not agree with what you say.

11. She sacrifices herself for you.

She is willing to make sacrifices for you, cancel personal matters if possible just to be by your side and please you.

She is also capable of making efforts to get along with you and with important people in your life such as your relatives.

12. She is emotionally independent.

She has to have her own personality and opinions, to be able to enjoy time away from you, while she still lacks, an independent woman is all you need.

13. She is friendly.

She is kind and attentive, exactly how you like her, you like the way she treats others, she is kind to strangers, animals, etc.

Now, all you have to do is think if your girlfriend meets some of these requirements and decide if she is the right woman for you.