How to know if she is interested in you?

Women show interest in much more subtle ways than we men.

When a man is interested in a woman, everyone notices him even thousands of miles away, it is completely obvious.

However, women, if by the same society and the fact that they have been taught that men are the conquerors, do not send direct signals, but subtle signals that we must decipher, to advance our goal.

These signals can be evidenced through body language, verbal communication, and actions in general.

In this entry, I will focus on the signals that show an interested woman that you previously know, a co-worker or that you know through mutual friends and that you see frequently.

Among these we can mention:

How to know if she is interested in you?

1. By chance, she always sits next to you.

Well, this is not a coincidence, it is to be close to you and it gives you the opportunity to make the first move.

2. Body language that betrays her.

All her body turns to position itself in front of you when she speaks to you.

She leans forward when she speaks to you.

Plays with her hair or any object that is nearby.

Maintains eye contact all the time.

Unconsciously imitates your movements, let’s say that you put your arms on a table, immediately she does the same.

Smiles when you cross looks.

If you see these signs, it is time to move forward, you have the green light to invite her to go out and start dating.

3. She is never too busy if it is for something that has to do with you.

It’s like a general rule, if a woman is interested in you, she will make time to meet you and go out with you, she will not make things so difficult for you.

She will give you her email, cell phone, etc. and when you call her she will agree to go out, and if she is really busy the day you tell her, she will immediately tell you the day the day she can and will not allow losing the opportunity.

4. Wants to know more about you.

She will begin to test you, asking you questions that show that you can be a man with potential for her, if you pass the tests, she will begin to flirt with you almost immediately, of course, it doesn’t mean that you got her already but that you are doing well and that you must keep yourself as you are.

5. She gets a little nervous when she’s close to you.

She could be a shy woman, that’s why it’s better to see her interactions with the other people she knows and if it’s only with you, you can ensure that she looks for something more in you.

6. You notice her jealous when you talk to other women.

Women interested in you are always placing their competition and if you notice her jealous when you are talking or laughing with others, it is clear that she likes you.

These are the most obvious signs, although the truth is that with women you never know, as there are women who are simply nice to everyone.

But if you constantly receive these signals, it is almost sure that you have a good chance with her.