How to know if she has another love

Your relationship with her is very good, you have already planned something for the future but in reality, she has not opened her heart so much to know it.

If you are planning to conquer, the first thing you should do is get to know your target, her tastes, activities, friends, of course, you will know these kinds of things as you begin to interact, the attraction towards her is getting stronger but before declaring yourself or thinking about something for the future, do you know if she has another love?

How to know if she has another love

It is possible that the relationship between the two is very good, you are fun, you have similar tastes, but every time you try to get a little closer there is something that distances her and you feel it. With some of these signs, you will know if she is for you or her heart is occupied by someone else.

1. Avoids contact.

She does not want people to see you very close together, perhaps in private, there is more than holding hands, but when she is in front of other people she does not want those displays of affection to make them think that they are something else or that this information reaches “someone else”.

2. She does not answer.

Little by little, she is answering fewer messages, calls and even when you talk she puts less interest and does not interact as much, she does not care much about you as you would like to.

3. Tastes change.

Maybe you met at a party, drank together or enjoyed the same style of music, but today she rejects your invitations, the pretexts are common and the tastes you shared are no longer the same.

4. Phone.

If she receives a call or message, she will get up to answer it or you will know that she is talking to someone she cares for because of her attitude and what is reflected on her face.

5. No plans.

Everyone has a daily routine, but there will always be a place to do something else, even so, it is impossible for you to put together a plan with her, she has many excuses and then you find out that she went somewhere else and she just tells you that it happened unexpectedly.

6. Future.

She just evades you and avoids talking about a future together, if you are friends, she talks to you that with friends you do not get involved, she tells you about her plans as a single woman, there are no topics in which she relates you as a couple and even she does not relate to anyone else, check when you talk and you will know if it is time to continue or walk away.

Sometimes there are people with whom we interact so much that it seems that we are very related but in reality the feelings we can hardly control, the chemistry influences but the heart sends the signals of being able to choose who you want to be with.