How to know if my wife is unfaithful

If you have asked yourself How to know if my wife is unfaithful, it must be because her behavior seems suspicious to you.

There are several indications that will show you what is happening in your marriage.

A study conducted by specialists at Harvard University indicates that the use of new technologies, such as social networks and communication applications, cause serious breakdowns in relationships and increase cases of infidelity.

Here we share a series of events that may indicate that your wife is unfaithful:

How to know if my wife is unfaithful

1. Adopts new habits.

Smoking and drinking are sometimes signs of anxiety and worry, or they are practices that she has adopted from someone else.

2. Avoids your friends and family.

When a woman is having an affair with someone else, the first thing she does is reduce contact with your acquaintances; prefer to familiarize less with them.

3. She goes out more often.

From night to morning you will identify that her activities increased and now she spends more time away from home.

A married woman lives with her friends normally, but when the pretexts to go out are increased it is very likely that she is seeing another man.

If your wife began to show some of these attitudes, it is because she thinks about the possibility of you discovering her.

4. Mystery.

Receiving phone calls and text messages frequently and at night is a reference that she communicates with another man; the suspicions will be greater if she hides the cell phone and does not allow you to approach it.

5. Improves her personal image.

The fact that she now spends more time and money fixing herself is a trigger that she wants to attract another person or looking better for someone who is not you.

6. Evasion.

When she does not want to talk to you as she did before, or is indifferent to do so and does not look you in the eye, it is because she does not want to touch issues related to her behavior.

7. Aromas.

When you are married to someone, you perfectly identify their odors.

If you notice a change in them, and they are also stronger and masculine, it is a great reference that she is being unfaithful.

We remind you that these are only examples, and not proven facts that your partner is cheating on you.

If you continue to ask how to know if your wife is unfaithful, it is best to go to the communication and fix any misunderstanding that ruins your marriage.