How To Know If My Wife Cheats On Me

Do you think your wife is being unfaithful to you?

It is the most painful situation. And the worst part is that you’re not sure if she’s really cheating on you.

You have no way of knowing … Or do you?

Here we ask you some questions that, when you answer them, you can have a pretty good idea of whether your wife is cheating or not.

How To Know If My Wife Cheats On Me

1. Has she changed routines and ways of expressing herself?

All people adapt their language to that of the people around them.

If your wife starts using expressions she has never used before, it can mean that she is interacting with new people.

If you know that she has not changed jobs or friends … The other option is that she is spending a lot of time with a new person.

An unfaithful woman, as a rule, expresses herself in a different way than usual, and this is a good point from which to start thinking about possible infidelity.

2. Does she look younger?

During infidelity, one returns to the phase of falling in love, that phase that lasts between a few months and can extend until, more or less, three years.

Falling in love has as its main characteristic the fact that it helps us to feel young, both physically and mentally.

That is why if you notice that your wife feels younger, she looks more beautiful, she has started to dress more seductively again, she starts listening to bands of fashion music when she did not do it before, and that kind of thing, she may be having a relationship outside of your marriage.

3. Has she changed her behavior in bed?

The behavior in bed also usually changes when there is infidelity.

Now, it can change in two ways: She may become more sexually active, or she may not want to have sex with you.

What will not happen is that her behavior remains stable.

When she wants more sex is given because, during infidelity, as we said, that “rejuvenation” occurs, which leads to having a stronger sexual impulse.

In addition, there is the fact that, as she feels better thanks to her infidelity, she feels bad because you are not enjoying like her, and she tries to compensate it in that way.

On the other hand, some women take it by the opposite side and avoid having relationships with their partners to have them only with their lover.

This usually happens in those occasions in which the woman believes that her partner “deserves” infidelity, for whatever reason.

In any case, what you have to keep in mind is that rarely a woman’s sexual behavior will remain the same if she is being unfaithful.

4. Have the conversations been reduced?

The communication, during infidelity, is also reduced, since having a conversation implies the possibility that the issue of infidelity arises and, as a result of the nerves, is exposed.

For that reason, unfaithful women tend to diminish conversations in couples, in order to protect themselves and avoid being discovered.

If your wife speaks less with you, you can begin to suspect. She’s probably cheating on you.

So far our advice comes on how to know if your wife cheats on you. Keep in mind, however, that the above can respond to the new behavior of your wife without she being unfaithful, so be careful.