How To Know If My Girlfriend Cheats On Me

Do you notice if your girlfriend lately acts differently?

Do you think she may be having an affair with someone?

Before accusing anyone of infidelity it is recommended that you make sure of what is happening as there is nothing worse for a couple than suffering jealousy and distrust.

In order to be sure that your girlfriend is with another, you can be alert to a series of behaviors that may denote that there is someone new in her life.

In this entry, we are going to give you some tips so you can know if your girlfriend is cheating on you and, thus, be able to make a coherent and well-founded decision.

Steps to follow:

How To Know If My Girlfriend Cheats On Me

1. Talk to her.

The first thing we recommend to be able to know if your girlfriend cheats you is to talk to her.

We are not telling you to accuse her or to start an uncontrollable argument about unfounded suspicions and fears that you may have, none of that.

What we propose is that you sit down with her, tell her that lately, you note her distant, ask her if there is something that worries her, if everything goes well, etc.

It is a good way to talk to her, to try to find out if what happens to her is related to you or if on the contrary, it is because there is something personal about her that she has not told you about.

It is important to have good communication in the couple to be able to have a healthy relationship and mutual support.

2. More nervous and tense.

If, after the conversation, you still do not have things clear you can start to notice her attitude that can reveal whether or not she is having an affair.

One of the most obvious signs is that in recent times she looks more nervous and tense than usual.

An alert person, who jumps to the first change and tries to control everything is because she has something to hide. The way to be with you, her attitude when you ask questions about her life, the way to argue she has … all these can be signs that there is something that disturbs her and shows that, by your side, she is not capable of relaxing.

3. Her relationship with her mobile or her computer.

If you see that her relationship with the mobile or computer is increasingly jealous it may be because she is hiding something.

Some of the most obvious signs may be that she goes to talk to another room when they call her on the phone or has her cell phone always by her side; Also, if you realize that when you are together, if she silences it or turns it off, maybe it’s because she does not want you to find out about something.

The same with the computer. If you see that now she gets nervous when you enter her computer or when she is using social networks, it is because she could have an adventure.

In this case, we do not recommend you to look at either her mobile or the computer, it is best to ask what is wrong and why she is so strange. Who knows?

She may even be preparing a surprise for you and that’s why she’s acting like that.

It is best to ask but never become a detective of your girlfriend.

4. More pending of your schedules than usual.

People who are unfaithful also tend to become more lonely and introverted.

Keep in mind that, surely, no one from her environment will know about this affair so it is likely that she is not so available either for you or her friends.

You can detect this change in attitude if you see that she gets nervous when you ask her such simple things as where she has been or what she is going to do next.

You can also observe this change if now she is more aware of your schedules than ever, she may be testing the ground to know when she has a “free” way.

5. She starts inventing herself plans.

Although it seems a cliché, it is not: unfaithful people begin to invent extra hours at work, express trips and/or non-existent meetings to be able to meet their lover.

This is a fact: to be able to have an adventure, she needs to have time for herself so the most normal thing is that she starts to invent plans and commitments that she had never had in order to be able to meet with him.

Beware of this as it can also lead to unpleasant confusion: if your partner has changed jobs, has been promoted, etc, it is likely to have a different schedule than you are used to, so do not become paranoid and really value if you have reasons to distrust her.

6. Changes in the sexual sphere.

The change in the sexual sphere is also one of the most obvious symptoms that may denote that something does not work in the couple.

When a woman has an affair with another person, she usually experiences some changes in her behavior: some stop having sex with their partners because they no longer attract them or because they feel a lot of attraction for their lover but there is also the other side of the coin, the girls who start to have more desire to make love it is because they feel guilty about cheating on their boyfriend.

So if you notice any change in behavior in the sex pattern and you notice that your relationship is not going as before, something that you do not know may be happening.

7. Desire to argue.

Another way to know if your girlfriend cheats on you, is to observe if lately, she has more desire to argue.

Keep in mind that cheating a partner is not pleasant, so your partner probably feels bad, is nervous and does not know how to act.

There is no better defense than a good attack so you may see that she is always ready to argue and that the fights are much more intense than before.

It is also common that, suddenly, these people begin to feel jealous and distrustful of the couple. This is because, as the saying goes: “Thinks the thief that everyone is of their condition”, that is to say, that as they deceive you, they fear that the other may be doing the same.