How To Know If A Woman Likes You

We should not confuse liking someone with loving someone since to detect if a woman likes you is much less complicated than knowing if she’s really deeply in love with you.

The symptoms of falling in love are not only strange, but in many cases are not clear enough and, given its subtle character, can lead to error.

How To Know If A Woman Likes You

How To Know If A Woman Likes You

Not only that, but your feelings will change as your relationship deepens. Remember that the more trust there is between you two, the healthier the union will be.

Next, you can see the most predominant signs that are usually present in a woman in love.

How To Know If A Woman Likes You


Nowadays it is common for people to have dates with different proto-couples at the same time.

It is only when she generates a special connection with you when she renounces to any other possible relationship in favor of yours.

When we achieve exclusivity it’s because they think we’re better enough to devote their effort and love.


For a woman to start thinking about plans to do alone and together can be relevant or not.

For example, if they are short and sporadic activities, such as a trip to the mountain or a date at the cinema or if on the contrary, they include plans such as dinners with their parents or holidays together.

In this case, more than the activity itself, what interests us is its duration.

Think about it, if she proposes something that lasts a year, it’s because she does not plan to break up with you in two months.

There are also the most serious plans, such as going to live together, which may be the one that comes to everyone at the head.

But imagine for a moment that you have to move to another country to work, would you like to go with her?

Would you maintain a relationship at a distance?

Obviously, she would be thinking of herself if she leaves, but if she proposes to keep you in her life it means that she plans to have you for a long time.


Women love gifts, that’s why it means so much if she makes you one. When a woman gives you something, surely it has a deeper meaning than what your eyes see.

With wonderful gift, I do not mean expensive gift. A wonderful gift is one that is worth more for what it means than for what it is, regardless of its price.

When she gives you a gift she will try to communicate how much she cares without expecting anything in return.

Pay attention to when you mention something you want, if after a short time you receive it by surprise you can already guess what it means.

The question here is the saying “What counts is the intention”.

If she gives you a gift it is because at some point she remembered you or something you said, so it is up to you to assess that detail.


No one is perfect or we are all equal, so the logical thing is to take actions that can be taken by others as wrong.

However, where others see reasons to get away from you, she sees the perfect reason to be by your side.

But, eye: do not confuse the natural defects that we all have as human beings with being an inopportune repellent.

If she shows you how much she appreciates your differences and appreciates you for who you are, it is an almost unmistakable sign that this woman is in love with you.


In general, one of the most common ways to identify a woman who feels something for you is usually by what she says.

When she starts to treat you as part of her unit, it’s because of something. When you consider someone, even if it is only through language, it is because she is interested in more than a simple friendship.


It may seem obvious but, on occasion, it is something that goes unnoticed by many people.

For a woman to tell you clearly that she loves you is very different from the fact that she truly feels it.

To be more secure we must pay attention to what else they tell us.

True love is reflected in trust, so if in addition to tell you that she loves you, also shows it through her actions and behaviors, it can serve as a clue in the hard task of understanding if a woman is in love with us.