How to know a woman loves you

In the passing of the years, you have several contacts with women, more or less intensively. Some are friends, some known, others break the limit of friendship to
become something else, even girlfriends … but sometimes many questions pass over our heads, including the typical “How do I know that a girl is really interested in
my?”. So here are some signs of how to know a woman loves you.

How to know a woman loves you

How to know a woman loves you

How to know a woman loves you

What happens is that women go by to what they call “signals” very subtle, and as nobody gave us that manual of signals translation, or at school they never gave us the subject of “Venusian symbolism” then they go ahead of us, because at the end we are very basic. If you do not tell us “I love you” we rarely find out. But we would know much more if we knew how to identify the “signals”. I will try to number some of them:

1. Always want to be with you. Very simple. She could have lunch with the family, it could be her aunt’s birthday, may have the final test of quantum mechatronics, she just
want to be you. If they have to go out, and really want to be you, they say a powerful phrase, “but if you want, you can come with me” with a hopeful intonation. If she
has to study tenaciously for a test or have to do a job, goes the phrase “come and help me,” even if you do not have any idea about the subject, because what interests her is
you to be with her.

2. They love to grab. When there is a real interest, she grabs your hand, hug you, push you, grab you hair, cheeks … she grabs you! They want to grab you literally. They feel the need to touch you, no matter the excuse. When they don’t give their hand even to help them get on the minivan, bad!

3. When you take them home always call to know if you arrived fine. Nothing to do, whether in a small bus, taxi or car when you leave the house they say:
“Please, call me when you just get home to find out that you arrived well because if not you distressed me” is that certainly she is interested in you.

4. When they look at you smile. A look is worth a thousand words, and if the look is accompanied by a cute smile, the better. And when there is an exchange of glances, which lasts more than a millisecond, that’s steady.

5. She calls you to know how you are. That is key. Usually, women call you to know how you are, with the added value of a favor you are possibly going to do to them. As for asking favors they are very good. But when they call only to know how you are, is because you interest her and that’s it.

6. They become serious and with an attitude when you talk about other women. If you talk about a friend, or a girl who calls your attention, or an actress, including
an ex-girlfriend you have nothing to do with anymore, they become serious and don’t even show it to you. They become monosyllabic “YES” “NO” “AJA”. That is a sign of jealousy because they only want you for them.

7. They call your cellular and don’t care to spend the minutes. Spending money in cell phone minutes for a woman is worse than if somebody cuts their hair bad. But if you
interest them, they do not care. They even do it with pleasure.

8. They invite you out and spend. You interest her so much that she invites you out. If she has a car, pick you up and if you go out to eat together she pays the bill. It is a rare case, but it happens.

9. Extremely careful to talk about the ex-boyfriend. They avoid talking about the ex-boyfriend because only care about you. When they start talking about “With my
ex-boyfriend we were doing …” or “My ex-boyfriend we used to do”. If she really cares about you, you’ll hardly find out if she had a boyfriend and less what his name was.

10. They present you by your name and not as a friend. When they’re with you sometimes someone calls their phone and they sound serious, “Hello …. Well …. With a friend …. Bla bla”, you’re just one more. But if you listen “Hey … well … with John … hey, can I call you back? I’m a little busy …” that’s a very good sign that she is very interested in you.

And there are many more signs. Women are so complex and each handles their language differently.

But among so many abstract signals, so much complication, they are easy to understand. It’s very simple: when they want, they do it.

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