How to know a girl wants to kiss you

The next are the other three tips on How to know a girl wants to kiss you that follow from the above video.

How to know a girl wants to kiss you

How to know a girl wants to kiss you

How to know a girl wants to kiss you

4 – Lips.

If a woman is thinking about kissing you, she will be very aware of your lips. When this happens, she starts licking, biting or rubbing her lips – and occasionally will throw glances to yours. Of course, just because a woman bites her lips does not necessarily mean she is interested in kissing you. It could be just a nervous tic or a habit.

So before making any assumptions based on her body signals, take the time to analyze her body language. Notice how she acts under normal conditions and with other people, and once you have a clear idea of her basic habits, you can draw a conclusion, according to the interpretation you make of her body language.

5 – Open body language.

You can see the signs that she wants a kiss from the way she guides her body. If she is in front of you with an open body language – the face, chest, and feet in front of you, her arms at her sides (and uncrossed as forming a “barrier” between you and her) you can assume that she’s sending strong signals of interest.

Also, if you notice that she feels comfortable around you (so close that you share the same personal space) even if you don’t have to be so close, then it is a very strong signal that is interested and receptive to a kiss.

If you’re not sure if the girl is close enough or not in your “personal space”, analyze it this way: if it were a man who would be standing near you, would you feel uncomfortable having him at that distance?

If so, then she is in your personal space. And that’s a good sign because she would not be there if she did not like the feeling of being near you.

6 – Analyze how she speaks to you.

Although body language signals that tell you that she wants to be kissed are important, there are other signals that you should also pay attention.

A clear example is the way a girl communicates with you:

Does she look to maintain and extend the conversation asking questions?

Are these questions geared to meet you in a deeper, more personal level?

Does she laugh at the jokes and comments that you do, even if they are not funny?

All these are signs that the girl is interested in you and she may be looking for a kiss soon.

Knowing how to interpret and use body language is very useful in the process of seduction and how to know if she wants to kiss you.

If you know how to use it you can take advantage of it yourself to create attraction in women, and if you know how to interpret it, you can detect when a girl is interested in you and which you should discard or work harder to conquer her.

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