How to kiss a woman well

How to kiss a woman well

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Kisses are great communication tools that can transmit multiple messages and make us feel unique sensations. Therefore, giving the right kisses each time will help you say what you want with the non-verbal language. You have to find the right technique and timing for the kiss to penetrate deep and not become something unpleasant for either the two of you. You want your girl left delighted with your kisses and eager to repeat. Therefore, in this article, you will find the keys that will help you know how to kiss a woman well. … Take note and put it into practice!

How to kiss a woman well


1. The basic step is to put your lips over hers. Although it may seem simple and straightforward, sometimes it is not. You must choose the right time and do it gently. Sometimes a simple approach or touch can pop butterflies you have inside. A little tension will not come wrong to keep this unique moment.

2. Once you have your lips on hers, you should know how to move them properly. It is very easy to stimulate the lips as they have multiple nerve endings. Before choosing the kiss with which you feel most comfortable, you must remember that it is better the kiss to be soft, so wet your lips before giving a kiss.

3. There are several types of kisses. The simplest is frontal, where you only need to do a little pressure on her lips and then separate them. This movement you can repeat it several times. You can distribute these little kisses for all over the lips with the lateral kiss. It is about starting kissing the center, slide to one corner, back to the center and go to the other corner. When you have them dominated, surprise her with a wraparound kiss accompanied by a small bite (without pressing). That will leave her breathless!

4. Learn how to move the tongue well. It is not always good to use it and it does not like to everyone. It should be like a game. Move your tongue lightly over her lips to be able to open them and kiss her gently. Move your tongue over her lips as a game or use your tongue to touch the tip of her tongue, they are sensual messages that will trigger your desire. On occasions, can also go well the vulgar kiss in which is inserted the whole tongue inside the mouth of your girl, but we do not recommend using this kiss recurrently unless it enchants her.

5. Hands are also important at the time of giving a good kiss. It can be a romantic kiss if you interlace your hands or, as in the films, holding her by the neck. If you want the kiss to be exciting, take her lightly by the hair. For a more dominant kiss, the position is tightening her against her body with one hand on her back and one in her head, she’ll die of pleasure. You can also make it dominant grabbing one of her hands and put it on her back while you continue your passionate kiss. The contact is essential to unleash the sensations during the kiss, so do not hesitate to use your hands as you prefer.

6. The kiss should become a pleasant, sensual and fun experience. It is important that flirtation and play are always present. Remember that kissing well is one of the weapons you can manage to arouse a woman. Touch her lips with your fingers to increase desire, rub her lips with yours or even let there be a space between them. Interrupt kisses, whisper her … it will melt her!

7. You can also play with the whole body and focus not only on the lips. Neck, earlobes, chin … they are other parts of the face with which you can play, excite and seduce. When you’ve already got it, you can go to kiss other more intimate parts.

8. To be able to kiss a woman well you must be careful and you can combine the various options. You must be yourself, be comfortable and let her feel it. The game is important and technique as well. It must be a kiss that you both like, delicate and sensual. Do not kiss just because of kissing, since it is what you will convey. She will feel what you want to feel in every kiss, so show her the love and passion you feel for her and everything will run smoothly.

I hope these tips on How to kiss a woman well will help you seduce her and improve your romantic life. Good luck!

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