How to Keep a Woman Interested and Attracted

After you have met a woman that interests you and with whom you want to maintain a more stable relationship, you should bear in mind that, most likely, you are not the first man to be interested in her, so she should have some experience managing men who want to get involved with her.

How to Keep a Woman Interested and Attracted

How to Keep a Woman Interested and Attracted

Maintaining a woman’s attraction in you is one of those processes that work contrary to what logic and common sense would preach.

This is why you should bear in mind that:

She is approached by men all the time.

Most men end up behaving like little dogs that do everything she asks them to do.

When a man acts too good and too soon in the relationship, she sees this as a sign of need and weakness. Which is not attractive.

Now think of something:

What factors make you want something? How do you make someone want something?
Think, why do you want certain things in your life …

Most things that people want do not go according to logic.

We simply want what we can not have. And once you have it, this becomes common and boring.

Knowing that something is easily attainable causes interest to be lost quickly.

So the factors that make someone want something would be:

How to Keep a Woman Interested and Attracted

1. Create a challenge.

Challenges make people think and analyze ways to achieve that something.

This is why women are interested in men who are a challenge because they keep thinking about him, how to make him fall in love more or how to make him more secure in the relationship.

2. Give her a little something and take it off.

When you give something to a woman and then take it off, you create a feeling in her of “I want more of that”, “What do I do to get more of that?” Which will keep her thinking about you.

4. Give her the gift of missing you.

For women, thinking about you, missing you, and anticipating what the next time you will be together will be like, can create a lot more attraction than when you are really together.

4. Be unpredictable.

Being unpredictable acts like magic with women.

Make an analogy with the cinema. A totally predictable movie is a BORED movie.

An unpredictable movie is a film with high chances of winning an Oscar.

When a man knows how to make a woman feel attracted, he will not do anything predictable.

Being unpredictable forces a woman to think about him all the time.