How to have a girlfriend if I am shy?

Shyness is not a defect, but a personal characteristic. Yes, it can happen that a person has a high degree of shyness that negatively conditions him in important decisions in his life.

For example, a person may feel that his shyness closes doors in the field of social relationships and seduction.

How to have a girlfriend if I am shy? If you ask yourself this question, in Online Psychology, we guide you in the answer giving you all the keys.

Next, we give you five tips that can help you to conquer that girl you like:

How to have a girlfriend if I am shy?

1. Do not observe shyness as a defect.

When you ask yourself this question, you are giving excessive weight to this particular characteristic of your way of being.

You are identifying yourself in an absolute way with this trait, but, in addition, you are interpreting it as a limit.

You are more than your shyness, this characteristic does not represent your absolute being.

2. Do not push yourself.

Each person has their own rhythm and it is important that you be faithful to yours.

Listen to your inner voice to define what are the times with which you feel comfortable knowing another person.

For example, maybe you feel more comfortable with the idea of a love that is born from friendship.

3. Accept yourself as you are.

Your level of confidence in yourself improves when you have a positive relationship with yourself.

Observe your strengths, virtues, and qualities. It may happen that you perceive your shyness from a certain point of view, while the one who observes you externally makes a totally different appreciation when seeing the charm and sensitivity of this quality.

4. Train your social skills.

The discomfort that you feel when leaving your comfort zone when meeting new people increases when you keep locked in yourself and in your usual circle.

It is recommended that you try to maintain an active social agenda and open the door to the possibility of meeting new people in new scenarios.

For example, new training courses, through common friends or through online pages to find a partner on the Internet. What are your hobbies and in what spaces do you feel comfortable?

5. Check your beliefs.

Observe your immediate surroundings to realize how other people who are shy enjoy a stable relationship.

When you ask yourself how to have a partner if you are shy, it is very likely that at the base of this question there are limiting beliefs that lead you to believe that there is some kind of difficulty in this possibility. And in that case, it is your beliefs that limit you, not your shyness.