How To Forget A Girl Who Never Wanted You

Maybe, simply, she did not see you as a candidate.

Or maybe she liked the idea of having someone under her control, and that’s why she gave you hope, hopes that would never materialize, and you saw it one day.

You saw that girl was playing with you when in truth you were nobody for her. You knew that she never loved you, at least not as something that was not a friend, or something to have fun.

Whatever the case, it’s still something hard to deal with.

There are ways to forget that girl, some more likely to succeed than others. Each person is a world, so you can try several of the following methods to try to forget her until you find the one that works best for you.

First of all, there are some things you should do:

How To Forget A Girl Who Never Wanted You

1. Accept the situation.

Denying it is very tempting, but it will not allow you to move forward or forget.

And the first step to solving a problem is to accept it.

2. Increase the distance.

If she did not love you, either as you wanted her to love you, or just did not appreciate you as a person, it’s best to take your time away from her.

3. Stop doing favors to her.

If you do not want to have contact with her again, stop doing things for her person.

If she appreciates you, she will understand, and if she despises you, too. How they react will be another issue.

Once this is done, you can start trying to forget her.

4. Change the scenario.

Maybe the girl in question is part of your circles, whether they are work, friendship or similar.

Therefore, you must start creating new circles, where she is not or does not want to enter: it is the ideal moment of doing what you always wanted but never tried because she did not like it.

Or, better yet, take a trip for a few days, even better if it is with family or friends, and enjoy the experience.

5. Be civilized, not kind.

If you must see her in some spaces, treat her as a colleague. This will make her feel confused, and she may act as if she expected you to still be aware of her.

Be firm: make it clear that you will not lack respect, and that you expect her to do the same for you, being as professional as possible. Change the language you use by addressing her, without emphasizing the change.

6. Avoid the time alone with her.

Go out in a group. Call your friends, if possible have a partner (female), and propose to go out together.

That way, if you meet her, you can greet her from afar away and take refuge in your group.

7. Concentrate on yourself.

If you did activities because they could interest her, leave them right away.

If they ask you in the group, you can tell them that you have other activities that prevent you from attending or tell them the truth.

Start with what you want to do, now that you have more free time and less desire to focus on someone else.

8. Talk to someone.

Whether it’s a friend, or a professional, express what you feel.

Thank your friends for lending their ears, and tell them how important it is that they are there.

If you offer to do small favors in return, not only do you ensure that it is not something unilateral, but you reinforce the bonds of friendship that unite you.

9. Make a list of her defects.

Maybe they are things that everyone considers unpleasant, or simply that you do not like them.

You can also write the reasons why she is not a good candidate to be your partner (for example, she has rejected you). Keep it in a safe place, and when you feel weak, re-read it.

Add more points as you find them.

10. A nail drives out another nail.

You may not see it anymore, but if you look for someone similar to her, and you put her in a similar situation, do not expect a result that is too positive.

It’s not fair to the new girl: maybe she really loves you, and you see her as a replacement. Or maybe you go for a completely opposite one, which can go right or wrong.

11. Experiment.

Turn to art, to science, to sports, to politics, to serial conquests, to whatever you want. Try new things, combine elements and see what comes of it.

It does not matter if it turns out to be an absolute failure or if you only discover a little trick in the middle of the chaos, the important thing is to experiment. That way, your mind can find more interesting things to focus on, instead of that girl.