How To Flirt With A Woman On The Street

When you want to conquer some attractive girl you see for the first time, you must be prepared to know how you’re going to do it, especially in the middle of the crowded street.

There are techniques of seduction that serve for this type of situations, which are not very different from others, but that will serve you when you start and maintain a conversation with her so that you can conquer her in a short time.

How To Flirt With A Woman On The Street

1. Show your self-confidence.

Many men think they are secure of themselves, but they show the opposite when it comes to their self-confidence.

No man who claims to be self-confident and does not dare to speak to a girl is telling the truth. It is essential that if you want to flirt on the street you learn to have self-confidence and to demonstrate it.

Something important to show your self-confidence is that you will not pretend to be someone you are not. An attractive woman who walks down the street will be bored with guys who pretend to seduce her by pretending something they are not.

In the first minutes of the conversation, she will realize if you lie to her, and that is when she will strike you and you will have lost your chance to connect with her.

In short, if you want to show your self-confidence, be yourself.

2. Interpret the signals.

There are some aspects that differentiate some women from others.

For example, a woman can be considered the leader among a group of girls, if you see that the others follow her.

That is why to understand how to flirt on the street, you must arm yourself with your intuition and know how to recognize what kind of girl is the one who attracts you. So, from the beginning, you’ll already know how to start seduction.

At first women usually have patterns in common, which makes it easier to start the game of seduction. Keep in mind that the attitude you take to converse with her will depend on her personality.

You will not be able to attract her if she sees that there is no chemistry. An example of this is that you notice if she is a superficial, shy, sentimental, friendly or unsociable girl, etc.

In this way, you will establish your way of approaching her. After all, you can not conquer a shy girl if you invade or harass her.

3. Let her speak.

In a conversation, you can not talk only you. You have to raise her interest to keep talking about interesting topics. She may be shy or unsociable, but deep down she will have something to say.

If you show her that you are interested in what she is going to tell you, she will surely start talking to you more openly and you will be able to engage in a more pleasant conversation than if you were the only one who speaks.

4. Show her your interest in her.

As in the previous advice, you have to show that she really interests you. But something very important is that you do not look desperate.

The correct way to show interest is that she can express herself and you give her feedback.

For example, if she talks about traveling, you can ask her which places she likes best to travel.

5. Make anchors to seduce her.

One last tip of how to flirt on the street, and perhaps one of the most powerful, is that she remembers you for something in particular.

An anchoring is based on the fact that people tend to repeat a behavior by making flow in them the necessary emotions or memories that are associated with said behavior.

In other words, it’s as if you controlled the other person, but because she wants to.

You have to concentrate on associating a positive and pleasant sensation of her with something that you can trigger.

An example is when she laughs at something you have done, you can make her laugh with similar actions and you will see that she begins to feel better with you.