How to flirt with a stranger

If you have entered here, maybe it’s because you have no idea how to flirt with a stranger. That is why we will answer this question in a concise and clear manner so that you can easily understand the art of connecting with women.


How to flirt with a stranger

1. Show security and cause a good impression.

Nobody who is unsure of himself is capable of flirting, and less with an unknown. So, if you’re looking to flirt with a stranger, the first step is to take away the fear of doing so.

In addition, you have already made the decision to learn how to do it, therefore, you just need to go with all your confidence and follow the other tips that we offer here.

2. Be clear in what you say.

Many girls are polite, kind and prudent. They are attentive to your words, but if your conversation is uninteresting, you should know that they will close and may not give you the answer you are waiting for.

Learn to maintain good conversations and remember that you must arrive at opportune times, and, above all, with security.

3. Act naturally, but show that you are interesting.

Learning how to flirt with a stranger requires that you do not stop being yourself and that at the same time you become someone interesting, that is, show the most interesting part of yourself.

3. Show interest.

And if you are uninteresting, what you need is to be an interesting guy.

Keep in mind that does not mean “being a needy or desperate”, but someone who is attentive and wants to relate with others. Surely, that attention will be compensated by the girl.

But remember that you should not harass her.

4. Your tone of voice when speaking matters.

How secure do you feel to say something to a girl that you like?

Do you feel that your tone of voice betrays your nervousness and insecurity?

If you feel insecure and your answer is “yes” to the second question, you have to do away with both. Your tone of voice says more than you have thought until now.

A woman, in her subconscious, perceives many things about you and with it she can discard you (or be very interested in you) in a matter of seconds.

Imagine the time when you dare to talk to an unknown girl. You want to flirt with her, but you’re here trying to figure out at least how not to ruin it. The next section will serve you well.

5. Get her attention.

When speaking to an unknown girl, do not let your voice break.

Tell her what you want and feel, that trust and confidence flow in you as if you have always been there. Do not let your nerves dominate you.

With this, when speaking to her for the first time, you will have her attention.

Look her in the eyes and do not take your eyes off her without her removing them before. But not only stay looking at her. Make a gesture of confidence, like smiling, for example.

6. Difference between her kindness and interest.

A mistake that you could commit if you are not attentive to what communicates you so much with her words as with her tone of voice is not differentiating between her kindness and interest for you.

The difference between the two will depend on the situation in which you find yourselves.

One girl could be kinder than another. She could even spend a whole afternoon talking with you and doing nothing more than killing time.

Now, during that time you have to get that kindness to become a true interest for you. For this, it will be useful to know about seduction techniques.

Seduce her

With all the above applied, you should know that not always everything will go as you want. And that’s where you need to use seduction so that that stranger is connected to you.

Become a seducer and manage to conquer her.