How to Deal With a Jealous Woman?

We tell you how you should act when your girl is jealous and you don’t know why. Learn how to deal with the problem and improve your relationship.

Dealing with jealousy can become a daunting task, especially if you don’t give your partner reason to feel that way. Do you want to know what you can do to make the situation better? If your girl is jealous, keep reading.

Jealous women why?

Sometimes there are gender differences between the jealousy of women and men. While in general men’s jealousy responds to a need for control, learned from childhood, many women are jealous due to the lack of self-esteem generated by inferiority about their bodies, something common in patriarchal societies.

It does not always have to be this way, insecurities and the need for control can be characteristic of jealous men and women, but the truth is that the competitiveness that the social environment generates among women’s bodies, the constant ‘acceptance’ that ‘men are unfaithful’ or the need to ‘be pretty’ from childhood, leaving behind other more important aspects of female well-being, are key aspects for the insecurities of women, who often end up projecting all their fears in the relationship.

If your female partner is jealous, do not miss below these tips to improve the situation and maintain a healthy relationship as a couple where jealousy is transformed into mutual trust.

How to Deal With a Jealous Woman?

1. Find out why.

If you have not given her reasons to be jealous and your girl constantly shows jealousy without reason, you must analyze what is generating that feeling in her, the real origin of jealousy.

As we said before, jealousy is usually due to low self-esteem and sometimes it arises as a consequence of bad previous experiences. Maybe her ex cheated on her and that means she can’t trust you.

Then talk to your partner, gently ask her what her insecurities are about you. Finding out her deepest fears in the relationship will help you deal with them together.

2. Pay attention to your actions.

In these circumstances, the smallest detail can harm her. Of course, this does not have to limit your social relationships and it is always important that you have your own space in the relationship. It is clear that if your best friend is a girl she will continue being it or if you have an adorable coworker, you have the right to express it.

It is simply about explaining to your partner what your feelings are, so they understand that it is not about love. Look inside yourself and ask yourself how many times do you praise the virtues of your partner as you do with other people?

A little attention and extra appreciation that shows you care and that you are in love will help her feel calmer about her jealousy.

3. Make her trust you.

A self-confident woman will be satisfied with a conversation in which you assure her that she can trust you, but if your girl has insecurities, she may need you to show her a little more than usual.

To do this, you can define your own rules as a couple negotiating and with the premise that both of you are pleased with them. For example, you can define the limits of infidelity, that is, if for example, perhaps she cannot tolerate you dancing sensually with another woman, but you can put limits on her jealousy before a simple conversation with her.

In any case, you also have a lot to say about it. It must be a negotiation, not a series of impositions on her part that restrict your way of being and interact with others.

4. Show her how you are.

If she has had bad experiences then you will have to show her how you are. Invite her to accompany you when you go out with your friends, so she will see how you behave with them and that she has no reason to fear that you will go alone with them.

Trust is also earned by being honest, for example, if you stay with a friend to eat, don’t hide it from her. If you talk about it openly you will see that you have nothing to hide from her and she will not worry if something happens between you.

5. She must feel safe.

Try to praise your girlfriend more often. Tell her how wonderful she is and how much you love her often. Don’t assume she knows it and remind it to her. She will feel much better. Little by little, she will gain confidence and will learn to see herself how you see her.

6. Offer help.

If you notice that her jealousy is starting to get sick and the situation is not improving, it may be due to a pathological jealousy problem. In that case, it is time to offer your help and recommend that she visits a specialist who can help her overcome her jealousy. Couples therapy in cases of pathological jealousy can do a lot for you and for her.