How to convert your friend into your girlfriend

One day you discover that that partner you call a friend turns out to be the woman of your life, with whom you want to share a courtship.

How to convert your friend into your girlfriend

How to convert your friend into your girlfriend

You share so much time with her, you know each other, enjoy being together, but until now you have just been friends, then you realize that it is time to take the next step, although you are afraid to lose that relationship that until now you have, you must discover if you can find in her the girlfriend you’ve been waiting for, you want to be close to her on a more romantic plane.

Well, despite all the fears that may arise, there are some recommendations you can follow to find out if she is also interested in you, as you are in her, the best thing is that you can discover it in a short time, then You are going to make your friend become your girlfriend.

How to convert your friend into your girlfriend

1. Examine the situation.

Find out what she feels for you, maybe those new feelings that were born in you, were influenced by some behavior of her towards you, observe what attitudes have changed, but be careful that she does not behave the same does not mean that She is in love, analyze those changes well.

2. Ask your friends what they think.

Approach your most trusted friends and ask them to be honest about this new situation that you are wanting to live, a true friend will tell you the truth, if you are looking at things that are not real or if you can really take that friendship relationship to another level.

3. Now yes, try to avoid the friend’s zone.

Although she is your friend, it was time to stop being a comrade to be more flirtatious towards her, because this will show her that you can not only be a great friend, but also a good boyfriend, if you continue with the same treatment its probably that you will stay in the friends zone, if you’re not very daring, you can be fun, playful with her.

4. Analyze if it’s really worth it.

Before inviting your friend out, see if it really is the time, if it’s worth it and the risks involved in dating one of your friends, do not risk a friendship for a date, make sure your feelings are genuine, at the end, friendship can be more valuable than a relationship.

5. Take care of your appearance.

Look a little better, that she looks your potential as a boyfriend, if before you did not take care how you looked when you were going to see her, it’s time that you take care of your personal appearance, that she sees that you are worrying and it will be a very good signal for her to accept that you want to level up your relationship.

6. There must be more physical contact.

While before there was already contact between the two, there must be a little more of that, of course without going overboard, being more coquettish, daring, the best places to increase contact are the shoulders, the hand or the neck, as it would not be uncomfortable for her.

7. Do things for her.

Help her every time you can, no matter how big or small the help is, it will tell her that you are considerate and will make you sexier for her, she will accept that you want good things for her, but do not do everything for her or she will see you as a puppy by her side.

8. Listen more carefully.

Do not pretend that you listen to her, really pay attention to everything that she entrusts you, this in addition to making you a good friend, will strengthen your future relationship, you will behave like a gentleman and women do not resist that.

9. Memorize the details of her.

The main ones are her birthday, her family, phone number, favorite food, colors, dreams, what she likes to do and those details that will make you aware of what she likes, if you do not have a good memory, write down all this and before seeing her refresh those data, she will realize that you are really interested in her.

10. Ask her to go out.

If you have tastes in common, take advantage of them and go to those places, as you know, this will make her feel safe, take advantage to get closer to her, make her receive stronger signals that you are interested in something else, but be careful not to make her feel harassed.

11. Declare your feelings towards her.

Do not make things complicated, just tell her how you feel about her, why you like her, all that makes her special and wonderful, but do not overdo it, just make her feel like the special girl she is.