How To Control An Erection?

There are men who have erections in the least indicated place and time, which makes them feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially if they do not know how to lower the erection quickly or decrease it.

Here are some tips so you know what to do if what you want is to quickly lower an erection.

How To Control An Erection

1. Change of posture.

Changing positions can help you feel more secure especially if you find yourself in the middle of many people. You can, for example, cross your legs, put your hands in your pocket, among other things that make other people not notice the erection. This will also help you feel more secure and relaxed and therefore the erection starts to go down.

2. Walk and relax.

If you have the opportunity to leave the place where you are and get away from the people you are with at the time, do it. Go for a walk elsewhere and start thinking about other things that make you focus on a new topic.

3. Physical exercise.

If you have the opportunity to exercise at that time, do not hesitate to do so. You can, for example, do some stretching, running, swimming, etc. This will help you to be more relaxed and to focus your attention more on the activity you are carrying out.