How to conquer your woman?

When a man maintains a romantic relationship with a woman, passion often fades over time.

Both have been carried away by the routine and this has caused some problems in the relationship.

Maybe you have reached this moment of the relationship and, even though you want to do something about it, you do not know how to win your wife.

You have to make yourself attractive before her eyes, just as you were at the time you met.

Next, we offer you 3 tips to achieve it.

How to conquer your woman?

1. Excuse yourself if you made a mistake.

If you were the cause of some fight or the disappointment of your girlfriend, then apologize. If you were not, then do not do it.

If you want to reconquer your partner, you must act like an alpha man and an alpha man does not apologize unless there is something to apologize for.

It is appropriate for a self-confident person to apologize to others when they have made a mistake.

2. Provide pleasant emotions.

Possibly, when you met your partner, you went out frequently to know new bars, cafes or clubs. With these outings, you gave her the opportunity to experience new positive feelings.

However, this ceases when the relationship falls prey to the routine. You have to return to give new experiences to your wife.

Invite her to go somewhere new. Or practice together a hobby that interests both of you, like learning a dance.

It is your responsibility to prevent the relationship from falling into the routine.

3. Take control of the relationship.

Often men go from being leaders to followers in a romantic relationship.

How many times did it happen to you that she asked you where you would eat -or what would you do on the weekend- and you answered: “I do not know, what you want”?

In that situation, you gave control of the situation to her.

The issue is that, for women, men are a source of stability.

They feel relieved if they do not have to think about where to eat or what to do over the weekend.

Of course, this does not mean that you will not consult their opinion, but that you have to be the leader and take the initiative.