How To Conquer the woman of your dreams

Reaching the thoughts and heart of a woman is not as difficult a task as many people think.

What’s more, it requires less effort than a man usually tends to do in the usual flirting routine. Just pay attention to our advice to conquer a woman.

How To Conquer the woman of your dreams

How To Conquer the woman of your dreams

At the end of the day, despite the particularities of both, we are not so different men and women. And in general, we are all complimented by the same details and we are dazzled by the same gestures.

Moreover, we suffer from the same insecurity. Trust yourself and jump to conquer the woman of your dreams.

Aspects that should not be neglected

It is important that you keep in mind the following aspects when initiating the conquest of a woman.

How To Conquer the woman of your dreams

1. Be yourself.

If you pretend to be a person that you are not, you will run the risk of her falling in love or get interested in a different person than you are.

In this way, there is a risk that in the future when she realizes that you are not the person she fell in love with, she gets disappointed and end the relationship.

2. Be patient.

Let things flow on their own, do not rush. Go Little by little to conquer a woman and take it easy. Everything comes.

3. Communication is essential If you want to start a stable relationship.

It is very important that there is a good exchange of verbal and non-verbal language between the two, in this way you can know each other in the appropriate way, but it is important that the communication is reciprocal.

4. Try to avoid talking about taboo topics at the beginning.

Try not to always talk about yourself, as well as your former relationships, flaws or negative issues, as they will not make the conversation flow in a positive way.
Try out common themes that both of you can talk about quietly and possibly you will be more successful in conquering a woman.

5. Use your sense of humor, make her laugh.

For a woman this aspect is quite important, it will surely make her feel much more comfortable.

6. Learn to listen.

Get the best out of yourself and put all your enthusiasm, you must be willing to pay attention when she speaks to understand her.

To do this, you can ask questions about the topic she is talking about, so she will see that you are really interested.

7. The small details.

These are always the most pleasing, something as simple as a caress, a look or a small gift will always prove to be the most impressive and those that are most taken into account.

8. Keep a good attitude.

The most important thing.

At the moment of conquering a woman, is always to maintain a good attitude and prevent this from falling just when the conquest phase ends, because otherwise, love will disappear also.

How has your experience been in trying to conquer the woman of your dreams? Leave us your comment.