How to conquer the girl you like?

With everything clear, the only thing left is to conquer the girl you like.

Having clear the qualities that we mentioned in the last entry, comes what interests us: how can you conquer the girl you like?

Well, in the first place, you have to try to have an initial approach.

The conquest goes through different stages and things do not always turn out as you expect.

How to conquer the girl you like?

1. If you are ready to start interacting with her, be positive, think you will succeed and try to maintain a balanced personality, without pretending to be something that you are not.

2. Look very closely at how things happen when you are with her and try to identify if there is any interest on her part.

3. Be sure to be by her side and try to keep the conversation alive and interesting.

4. When you have more confidence, try to take her to deeper topics so that she perceives you as a friend.

5. Once you notice that she is interested, look for more opportunities to continue with the conquest.

At what time is it convenient to express feelings?

Is it good to do it on the first date?

It will be best to take things slowly so as not to give a bad impression.

You can show interest without having to go straight to the point.

After knowing her better, after spending more time at her side, you can express yourself more openly.