How to conquer a woman on the first date?

There is no doubt: if you ruin that first outing with the woman you are interested in, the chances of seeing her again will be dramatically reduced.

Getting her to agree to go out with you is a very important achievement, that nobody can deny.

However, now you will have to take an essential step because it is the best chance you have to impact her, seduce her and … even make her fall in love.

We refer to that first meeting, where the charm, appearance, and manners will make the difference.

How to conquer a woman on the first date?

1. Impeccable physical appearance.

Hair washed, skin care, clean hands, impeccable shoes, ironed clothes and a rich smell but NOT too much.

All this is a reflection of your personality and very important if you want to conquer her.

Remember: you never have a second chance to make the first impression.

2. Have good manners and be gentlemanly.

There is no woman who does not like to be treated like a princess.

We must return to the times before, when men opened doors, took out chairs and invited ahead of time and not at the last minute.

Those attitudes will tell her that you are really interested in wooing her and making her fall in love and that it is not a frivolous way out or getting out.

3. Plan and think about the meeting.

Women like determined and assertive men, who know where they are going.

If you have a plan, it will show her that you see that meeting as something important, that it’s worth programming ahead of time.

Find out a little more about her so you can plan something according to her tastes.

For example, if she is a follower of an artist, a specific genre of film or a food fanatic.

4. Listen and ask.

Show true interest in what she says.

Women love to make them feel like the center of the universe, unique and the most important.

If you listen to her and then ask her something related to the topic, you show genuine interest in what she has to say and it will make her feel very special.

5. Always be honest.

Even if you think of yourself that “it’s not a good match,” be honest with your economic, family, marital, etc. situation.

If in truth it is a relationship that you value and want to cultivate, sooner or later she will know the truth.

The honesty is worth even at the time of throwing a compliment; Be sincere and authentic.

Do not tell her the same as all the others, she can notice it. Say something that really makes her feel special, and if she has nothing good to say … better not say anything!

6. Have a good sense of humor.

Women like someone with a good sense of humor, who makes them laugh, but who is also capable of laughing at himself.

This shows confidence and security.

7. Be romantic and detailed.

The details should not be limited by the amount of money invested.

Details that make women fall in love are those made to the order for the woman.

If she likes to cook, give her a wonderful recipe book; If she likes to sing, take her to karaoke.

A romantic plan can be as simple as sitting down to look at the stars; the essential thing is that you plan it, be sincere and make her feel important and loved.