How To Be More Romantic With Your Woman

To be romantic is not necessary to break your head or invent the black thread, you should simply pay attention to the details and tastes of your partner.

It is said that the key to being more romantic is the details since for women these are the “things that make her the day”.

One of the most common complaints of women, with the passage of time in the relationship, is “before you were more romantic and detailed”, so we give you some recommendations to return to be her ideal man and conquer her both inside and outside of intimacy, according to

How To Be More Romantic With Your Woman

1. Naturalness.

The naturalness is essential to maintain authenticity, so do not stop being yourself but remember what were the attitudes that she liked the most and that made her fall in love with you.

2. Change the routine.

The routine in bed is one of the biggest factors of wear and tear in the couple.

To rekindle interest and enthusiasm, invent new ways of kissing, caressing and pleasing her.

3. Encourage her fantasies.

Start talking about new things in bed with her so you know what her current fantasies are, because over time they tend to change, so do not stay in the past and renew yourself, surprise her and make her enjoy relationships like never before.

4. Seduce her.

It is one of the foundations of romanticism.

Try to seduce her every day in a different way, without harassing her clearly.

Make her feel the unique person that she really is, through words, love details and/or mischievous gifts.

5. Creativity.

An insinuating call at any time, a daring touch at the least expected moment, nice surprises in bed, real surprises that will end up amazing her and will be very well remunerated.

Remember that there is nothing better to reconquer and seduce your partner than proposing new things.

Tell her how much you love her and want to be with her, practice some new games or sexual positions and everything that unleashes her passion.

You will see that in a short time you will become that person who made her fall in love from the beginning.