How to be an expert in seduction

Being an expert in seduction is one of the great aspirations of the masculine gender. Getting to attract a woman to get sexual relationships, is one of the arts that every man aspires to dominate.

The truth is that it is not necessary to be a clone of Leonardo Di Caprio to seduce a woman, it is enough that we take into account some basic advice.

The main one of the tips that I can give you is that you keep in mind that you are not in a movie.

It is not only important to keep this in mind to be an expert in seduction, but for any facet of life. In the cinema, everything is oversized and exaggerated, as well as being fantastic and shocking.

How to be an expert in seduction

1. Do not do the same as the rest … or you’ll be one more.

To seduce a woman you will have to forget those stereotyped models, of tough guy, rebellious without cause or tender cloying. These types of people, if they exist, are extremely rare.

When trying to seduce a woman do not try to follow any of these profiles. Just as we say that the male characters in movies are exaggerated and oversized archetypes, it applies to women.

To the woman you intend to seduce, under no circumstances, you attribute the role that the counterparts of the genre that appear in the movies play.

Real women do not need a tough guy who protects them, or are interested in the legal verbiage of an aggressive lawyer nor are they willing to feel impregnated by angelic tenderness.

In reality, beyond the screens, we find a great diversity of women who are beyond the exaggerated and over-sized archetypes to which the cinema has accustomed us.

2. Be patient.

The first thing you need is to have patience. Rushing you will only lead to failure, so you must wait at the right time.

It’s not worth it to hurry, it’s better to wait. You have to be magnetic, that is, to attract her.

The objective is: to attract the woman to have sexual relations with her or to live the whole life with her.

This means, neither more nor less, that you have to be able to awaken in the woman in question sexual desires towards you. This is achieved in different ways, without needing to be an Adonis. The most fundamental thing is to be a smiling person.

3. Take care of your appearance.

Third, take care of your appearance. You should not seem like an aesthetic freak. Your clothes have to teach the best of you.

Many women have fetishistic tendencies and are sexually attracted to men who dress in a certain way.

Surely, people who tend to smile tend to be more successful as seducers than the more serious people. This implies, on the other hand, that you have to keep your dentures taken care of as much as possible.