How To Be A Most Interesting Successful And Attractive Man

Attracting women can be simple. If you are handsome or simply educated, you are likely to get more than one to come and talk to you.

The difficult thing is the next step: to awaken interest so that she continues looking for you and can advance in a common relationship. To be interesting is to go a step forward because it is in making women intrigued and wanting to keep in touch with you.

In short, it has to do with a kind of admiration that causes desires in them to be by your side. Beyond your physical appearance or economic status, here we propose some tricks to project that way of being that interests others.

Continue reading and prepare yourself for them to be the ones who come to you.

How To Be A Most Interesting Successful And Attractive Man

1. Use accessories with history.

The ancient objects that have been inherited from generation to generation possess a particular charm that generates mystery.

You could start using the ring that your grandfather left you, or a pocket watch of those who internally have some dedication, or maybe a leather briefcase with an attractive story.

Women notice every detail of a boy’s way of dressing and will not hesitate to ask why you wear something that is not of your time. That is an excellent opportunity to break the ice and start a good conversation.

2. Have (and read) a good collection of books.

Having a collection of books makes you look like an educated man who cares to read and prepare himself intellectually. Undoubtedly, that feature is charming for any woman.

In addition, it helps you to be smarter and therefore have more conversation topics. A cultured person is always attractive to those who hear it.

You do not need to invest all your capital in books brought from distant lands but look for titles that are attractive enough for a woman to consider you smart.

3. Learn to cook at least one dish very well.

In general, a man who knows how to cook is highly coveted.

Showing that you know how to prepare a complex meal awakens an additional interest in your skills, motivations, and determination to do what you propose yourself.

Not only will you have a theme to use to keep her interested in you, but it is also a great ability to make her feel special and cared for when you invite her to try your food.

4. Expert bartender.

Learning to mix drinks or know how to prepare an excellent coffee is a highly valued skill that will allow you to attend to her successfully by inviting her to your home.

Not only can you delight her with your skills, but you can also talk a little about your experience and keep her interested in your knowledge in that area.

5. Collect music.

As with the idea of collecting books, listening to a lot of good music makes you a very cultured person.

In music, it is much easier to start a conversation about a particular artist or song, because surely she will have listened to at least one singer that you admire.

Make sure you build a broad musical record, classified by times and styles so that it is easy for you to let yourself be approached with this theme.

6. Become an expert in some content.

Whether it’s about World War II, the history of your country or locality, about some sport, technology or manual skill.

Having experience in some area facilitates fluent and truthful communication, not only with a woman but with any person with more age or experience than you.

That will make you seem to others as an educated man, not at all banal and also genuine, who has taken the time to nurture his knowledge.

7. Do not divulge everything.

Usually when others do not know everything about you, or when you refuse to talk about something in particular, it is when they become more curious.

Avoid being an open book about your life and do not publish every movement in social networks. The more mysterious you are, the more attracted you will be to the women around you.

8. Be authentic.

Manifesting an opinion and defending it with good arguments are actions that make you look like an authentic and well-planted person in life.

This is a quality “endangered” so that others will want to listen to you and also respect you for considering you reliable.