How To Avoid Silly Arguments With Your Girlfriend?

Women are very complicated.

So much so that it is difficult for them to even understand each other.

And the worst of all is that each one has her own nuances, so even with an instruction manual, we will not know how to deal with them without getting them upset.

However, we will generalize a bit with gender, to try to help you avoid silly arguments with your girlfriend, for having said something inappropriate.

These are three answers you should never give your girl:

How To Avoid Silly Arguments With Your Girlfriend?

1. What’s wrong? Do you have your period?

Hey, buddy, if you do not want that woman to lose her temper, better delete this question from your hard drive.

If your girlfriend comes up with a typical: “You do not help me at all” or “you spend all day watching TV”, you better be quiet or respond with something other than that successful (for us): “what happens to you?, “Do you have your period?”.

Almost scientifically it is proven that this would mean for her to be very impatient and deranged; speak or act outside of reason.

2. She’s pretty … (Referring to a friend of hers).

Questions like “What do you think of my friend?” Could be a mango shell for those women who are waiting for your first fall to unleash their true selves.

Consequently, that “is pretty”, whether hesitant or compromising, can unleash fury on your girlfriend, who will respond immediately: “You mean, she seems more beautiful than me?”.

And if you try to retract affirming the opposite, like: “No, I never said that, she’s ugly”. You will also be in trouble because she will come out in her friend’s defense: “Does my best friend seems ugly to you?”

Being honest is not good either, because if you respond with a “she seems normal …”, you will offend her anyway.

You will notice that her self-esteem drops and she comes up with: “Normal?, But is she prettier than me?” …

And if before this, wanting to look good, you reconfirm what she said, she comes back with the initial fight:

“Ah, does she seem prettier than me?”

And the same vicious circle is repeated …

The truth is that in this type of situation you will lose, whatever you say …

Pretend to be the crazy one to see how it goes.

3. When she asks you if you think she’s fatter.

The fatness, although it is obvious, is an Achilles heel for almost 100% of women.

Even though she looks and feels fatter, she will always need to ask you:

“Honey, do I seem fatter to you?

But beware: she will never want you to reconfirm her with your sincere “yes” …

In this case, the best answer will be to deny it.

To always tell her that she is thin, and even skinny is the lie that she will always want to hear and that she will thank you in the process.