How To Attract Women Through WhatsApp?

Not many know How To Attract Women Through WhatsApp, but now you can learn how to take advantage of this instant messaging service to create attraction and seduce a woman, even when you are at a distance from that person.


How To Attract Women Through WhatsApp?

1. Know and study the person you want to conquer.

To have a better knowledge of that person, try to look for her in social networks, taking advantage of her number for it. Also, look at the profile picture and the status that she places on WhatsApp.

Think about the reason for both.

2. Use a good profile picture.

Just like you, surely the person you are trying to flirt with will be aware of your profile picture.

She will want to know more about yourself, so she will see your profile picture and also your status. Try that these are original.

Put a picture of yourself that is good. Use a state that identifies with what you think.

3. Be a good talker.

This is perhaps the most difficult step of how to flirt in WhatsApp, and it is like that because the talks in WhatsApp usually become boring, but only if you allow it.

We refer that you must propose a different conversation to a “Hello, how are you?”, Which we already know that in the end, it will end in an “Ok”.

To engage in more interesting conversations, research a little about that person, talk to her about things she likes.

4. Take care of the spelling.

It is already common for people to dispense with spelling rules when writing.

But to flirt, is not advisable to do so. Since some people evaluate how you are according to how you write.

5. Be careful with what you say.

Apart from the spelling, take care of what you say. A message can not always convey double meaning or sarcasm.

Use the well-known “emojis” to better convey your message. When there is more confidence, you can use the voice notes that WhatsApp allows.

6. The importance of the first message.

The first message is the most important since it will depend on whether the conversation continues or not.

NEVER start with the typical “Hello”, “Hello, how are you?”. The first message should make her remember a feeling.

Try to tell her something about anything that you have dealt with the last time you saw each other and only you two know. Something funny that makes her feel what she felt at that moment.