How to attract girls in facebook

How many times have you visited the profile of some sexy women on facebook and you wish you would get their attention? Hundreds of men fail every day trying to seduce
girls in different social networks and internet dating sites. That’s why in this article we have put together a list of the best tips and tricks to win attractive women on facebook.

How to attract girls in facebook

Choose a good username. If you can not think of anything original, funny or sexy for your username, then just leave your full name. Please note that your username will
be one of the first things they will see in your profile, so if you put a little ingenuity, surely you will cause a good first impression.

Complete your personal data with wit. It is very likely women on Facebook read your profile out of curiosity or to learn more about you. Try not to leave anything
blank, if you do not know what to write put something funny or ask a friend. Avoid made up phrases, corny or too romantic phrases as most men who are dating have
these things on their Facebook profile.

Add her friends first. It is much more likely an attractive woman to accept you on Facebook if you have first made friends with her friends. In this way, she will see
that they have friends in common, and thinks you are someone known. Accepting your friend request is just the first step, but it is also an important one.

Do not comment on her photos. It’s very common for all men who see a photo of a pretty girl on facebook to leaving a comment. Do not be one of the bunch. You should try
her to put her attention on your profile and not vice versa.

Place good photos. It is important to have at least 10 photos of yourself on your Facebook account. Place pictures of you alone and with friends, at parties, playing
an instrument, demonstrating skills or hobbies. A good trick to attract beautiful women on Facebook is to put pictures of yourself with flashy women. This arouses
curiosity as they wonder why is he always with beautiful women?

Chat. Once she accepted your invitation and are now friends on facebook, wait a few hours until she can see your profile and photos and then contact her through chat.
If you do not know how to break the ice, begin by saying “hello” and start the interaction. Try to be funny, as humor to seduce women is one of the most effective techniques. Propose topics of conversation and tell stories. Do not stay silent. Chat regularly, but not every day as you don’t want to look like a  stalker or desperate.

Send messages. Personal messages are a good way to break the ice and get the attention of a woman on Facebook. Be sure to write a short message, with a striking case,
and mention something that will draw attention to your profile. It’s always good to end with a question to increase the chances of her replying to you.

Updates. Upload new photos, videos, post funny states or interesting links, make new friends, these are all good ways to get her attention indirectly. Remember that to
attract attractive women on Facebook, at first, you do not show your true intentions, but it is she who must be attracted to you.

Ask for the phone number. Only through the chat it will be possible to obtain the phone number of a woman you met on facebook. To succeed note the following points:

  • Create a fun conversation.
  • Build confidence.
  • In the best of the conversation ask for her phone number.
  • Say something like “just in case you want to call” or “to speak innocently,” this way you generate more confidence.
  • Say goodbye after you have the number and generate more expectations.

Log out of Facebook. Do not make the mistake of trying to meet attractive women only on Facebook, social networks or dating sites on the Internet. Disconnect from the
Internet for a few hours and for some time also try to seduce women in the real world. Test several alternatives at the same time and above all do not neglect your social
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If you liked this article you can click LIKE and SHARE it in the social networks that you like, we would be very grateful, that way we’ll get this information to more people. Then DOWNLOAD my FREE eBook below.