How to attract an undecided woman

It is never easy to conquer a girl, but knowing how to attract an indecisive woman can be worse. But that does not mean it’s impossible.

It’s just going to take a little more time. You are an alpha male, is there anything impossible for you?

Surely not.

So you just have to get down to work and you will see how in a short time you can conquer her and if you want her to be your girlfriend you will achieve it.

The reasons why she can be indecisive are many. The most commons are:

  • Bad experiences
  • She is insecure
  • Does not trust men
  • She does not trust herself
  • She is afraid

How to attract an undecided woman

1. It is not your fault.

The first thing you should know is that if she is indecisive you in the first instance are not to blame.

What you can not allow is that she continues to be when she is with you.

At first, you must be very patient. You will have to understand some situations.

But stop!

You can not spend a whole year chasing her either.

You do not have to be so stupid. That there are some girls that take advantage.

Although you have to be patient, do not exaggerate.

2. In the beginning, you must understand it.

As in any beginning in the process of attracting a woman, it will not be easy.

You have to do very well in the role of someone who understands the situation.

Do not despair because you’re going to scare her away.

You must be patient when you want to invite her out.

Wait a bit.

The best thing is that at the beginning to be with a group of friends.

There you should look for a way for her to feel comfortable with you and your presence.

3. Earn her trust.

As we mentioned above. One of the reasons why a woman is indecisive is because she has a hard time trusting people.

While you are patient you must earn her trust.

Once you get it, it will be easier for you to conquer her.

How do you manage to earn her trust?

Being there for her.

Spend time with her, accompany her in her activities.

Write to her constantly and she will realize that you are very interested.

4. First, be her friend.

Another way to attract an indecisive woman is to first be her friend.

This way she will feel comfortable with you.

Of course, then you should make it clear what your intentions are.

You will not want her to send you to the friend zone. The worst thing that can happen to an alpha male.

5. Show yourself self-confident.

Just as you have to offer security to her. You must also present yourself as the person with the most confidence in yourself.

If she sees you as a person who knows what it wants, she will realize that she is valuable to you.

So you will have won a good field.

It is not easy to attract an indecisive woman. Because he does not seem to know what she wants.

Actually, she does. The problem is one of confidence.