How to approach a shy girl

Have you ever tried how to approach a shy girl?

To conquer a shy girl is helpful to keep in mind a number of things that we will see below.

How to approach a shy girl

How to approach a shy girl

How to approach a shy girl

As you read this article, keep in mind that every generalization (such as “Shy girl“) is not a rigid rule, it is just a way to better frame the situation and act accordingly. That means that in the art of seduction you always have to adapt to the woman in front of you, to better understand this concept read this article.

Are you sure she’s shy?

First of all, I ask this question because I have seen that it is a mistake men often make when evaluating a woman.

Occasionally I hear that a girl is labeled as “shy” when the reality is quite different:

She does not want to go through like “easy”

She’s not shy, just puts some resistance because she does not want you to confuse her with “an easy girl”, no more and no less.

She does not want you to try in front of her friends

Damn, she is not shy! Simply ashamed when you try in front of people she knows.

Does not follow the game and period

Although you try, you can not have them all. If the girl does not play along, nothing to do, okay? She’s not shy.

That said, there are also girls who are really shy, in that case, let’s continue.

How to conquer a shy girl: 5 Rules

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Go slow

With some women, you can flirt with great determination but this is not the case, you must behave more smoothly.

What does that mean in practice?

It means that when you try to flirt with a shy girl, obviously you must show your masculine energy but at the same time, do not overdo it.

If you overdo it, you risk to frighten her even more and therefore, she’ll “shut up”.

2. Avoid allusions

The discourse of sexual allusion is linked to what I have just said.

Especially at the beginning of the interaction, avoid sexual allusions and things like that, you’ll also risk her to get closed.

Then, when the seduction has advanced a little, if you think it’s time, you’ll use it but evaluate each case.

3. Slow physical contact

Touching a woman is useful but if you increase physical contact and you see that she puts a lot of resistance, you should slow down.

This does not mean she does not like physical contact, you just have to go with more calm.

4. Remember that she also has a sexual nature

Many men, when they are in front of a shy girl, see her as a nun.

Yes, as if the woman before them would not like to have sex!

5. Do not become her friend

Okay, slow down with seduction but be careful not to fall into the friend zone.

Yes, because often that is the biggest risk, you do not try flirting because she seems too shy but if you do not do it and you act like a friend, where will you end?
Inevitably, in the friend zone.

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